We went to the Rio Grande Community Farm's Maize Maze for the first time today. This was my first time at a maize maze and we all had a great time. As we have a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old I was very happy to find out they have two mazes - one only 1.4 miles and the other 2.3 miles. We chose the shorter course and were rewarded with only one mini-meltdown. And there were several places where we had to answer questions to get pointed in the right direction - the 4-year-old loves "clues" so this was fabulous.

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Comment by The Bindi Queen on September 29, 2008 at 12:59pm
The maize maze is fun for adults too. It's been part of my fall calendar since it started. Sometimes I go alone and see if I can find my way through without a map. Sometimes I take friends and we divide into competing teams. The cornfield is different from month to month and even from year to year. Early, the corn is lush and green with flowers twining up the stalks. Late it's dry and the skeletal stalks rustle in the breeze. Some years are lusher and taller than others depending on the rainfall. The view of the Sandias are wonderful and you can hear migrating cranes overhead. The maze is a wonderful way to connect with the cycle of the seasons in the middle of town. But mostly, it makes me happy to be there.


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