I like to joke with some of the other "media" types, that while we (Jackie, Donnie and myself) are members of the "media", we really aren't. We're three people who go in each weekday morning...chit chat (sometimes too much) and then go home for the day. We usually leave the "serious" news to other people. We're you're outlet for when Britney Spears goes crazy...or Angelina Jolie adopts another child.

One thing that we have talked quite a bit about is the excitement surrounding this years Presidential election. These are interesting times in our country, and New Mexico is a very important state this time around. Even though the three of us have already voted, I did want to take some time today to witness history as it happens.

I woke early this morning, and headed off to ExpoNM, to see John McCain. I must say that I was surprised at how small the crowd was. Even though it was kind of early....there were less than 1,000 people there to see the Senator from Arizona. Most of his support seemed to be very much into what he was saying...it just seemed that most of them were resigned to losing the state. I had a chance to chat with a lady on the way out of Expo NM. She explained to me that "most of the people in the state have had the wool pulled over their eyes" in this election. She also expressed that "if Sarah Palin were here, there would be 10 or 20,000 supporters". Interesting......

After that I went out to Bernalillo to watch one of our kids play at the soccer complex. While out there, I got a text from a "friend" at the NM Obama camp. It simply said "CALL ME...CALL ME...ASAP". When I had a chance to call, I found out that Senator Obama wanted to do a quick interview promoting his rally tonight. He only had time for one interview, with one TV or Radio station in New Mexico.....and we were going to be the ONE. Initially it was going to be at 5:45. Then (just a few minutes later) it was moved to 3:35.....and finally we were told that the Senator needed to call at 4pm. This is the interview, as it aired......(sorry about the Katy Perry song....I hate it too)

01 JTD Interview Barack Obama.mp3

Us....little ol' "Jackie, Tony and Donnie" had scored the ONLY interview he was doing. Not 770....not Channel 4 or 7....nope....US. Now sure, it's a fluff piece....it's why he went with us....but screw it. I could care less. We're not CNN, and we don't pretend to be. This is actually our second chance to speak with the Senator. The first was the night of the Dem Primary....and his phone cut out in the middle of the interview. Not this time....nope. We were on Cloud Nine,

After that, we headed out to UNM for the rally. Got to the corner of University and Lomas at 6:30, and parked in the lot where the Ford Dealer used to be. At that point, the line already reached to that corner...and wrapped all the way South on University. Once we got our media passes, we had to stand in line to go through the security. A nice lady from Highland High School, who helps with the school paper, congratulated us on the interview. At that point, one of the TV guys, also in line, made a comment along the lines of "YOU got to interview Obama???"To which Jackie replied "It's our second time....he seems to like us".......the look on Mr. Tv Guys face spoke volumes....

As for the Obama rally.....I'm not sure of the crowd size...30,000? 40,000? It was HUGE. People from all walks of life. All of them getting along. All of them listening to the words of one man. A man that wants to bring change to this country. A man who is not a Muslim. A man who's middle name is Hussein. A man that seeks to be the 44th President of our country. But most of all...

A man that spoke to US.....and only US.....to promote his visit to our state....Wow


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Comment by Adelita on October 26, 2008 at 9:22am
OK you guys, I got so nervous when I called in to The Peak the other morning - said something probably really stupid, I can't remember. I can't imagine what it would be like talking to Barak Obama!!!! Congratulations on a job well done!!

And even though I had to work Saturday night, I went to UNM earlier in the day and voted at the SUB. The line was short and the voting was quick. Afterwards I bought an Obama t-shirt that was silk screened as you waited! You could feel the cool vibe around campus - it was electric. I imagine the rally was spectacular!
Comment by Sarahjmd on October 26, 2008 at 10:13am
Fluff talk, yeah. Same verbal message from Omaba, yeah. Tony's three questions...priceless! Way to go!
Comment by chantal on October 26, 2008 at 10:45am
Afraid of spiders? Pure genius, sneaking that one in there ;-)
Comment by Tony on October 26, 2008 at 11:39pm
Jackie and I chuckled after we were done. We could only imagine the GOP commercials if Sen. Obama had said he was afraid of spiders.....

"Senator Obama says he is scared of spiders........what else is Senator Obama afraid of....?"

Another note....we were watching CNN in the studio. About 60 seconds after he said goodbye to us, he was on the stage in Vegas. I can't imagine what his daily schedule looks like....
Comment by Masshole in Fringecrest on October 27, 2008 at 9:09am
Are you planning on doing a weekday re-broadcast? Just wondering.


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