Voice in The Darkness {The Series}

A True Family Story

It happened when I was ten years old. I still remember it like it was yesterday. There have been times in my life since then when I have not thought about it, but I can never forget it. My family also never talks about it.


I'm not sure the reason why. Maybe it has to do with the event itself. The reason why it happened was because someone brought it up. Maybe it was the sheer fear that was felt by all. The fear was so immense, that no one dares talk about it. Maybe they think that if they mentioned it, it might revive the event all over again. I don't know the answer. All I know is no one in my family talks about it.

I once tried to mention it to my mother and she became very scared. She told me never to mention it again. So I never have. I have kept it hidden for so long that I feel a need to tell somebody the story. I don't know the consequences of what might happen, but I feel someone needs to know what happened that night. I have a need to reveal the truth and allow this thing I have been holding in for so long to be released.

I don't feel very comfortable writing this but I do know I want to.

Yet I feel nervous and yes, a little scared to put it in words.

Even right now as I type these words, I feel like I am telling something that is forbidden. And although this is only in written words, I feel like I am betraying a secret that is not supposed to be told. As I write each word I sense that someone or something already has knowledge of my intent to tell the story.

It still brings chills up my spine when I think about it.

Still I must tell the story.

If I bring it out in the open it might set my conscious at ease. Or then again, it might revive the curse that has been a family secret for so long.

It is late right now and I'm not really sure what time it is. The stars are shinning bright over the tops of the pines and trees. The only light I have is this flashlight I am using to illuminate my laptop. The fire is providing some light but is mainly to keep me warm. There’s a breeze that keeps rustling the very top of the tall trees.

In the distance I hear a sound.

It's probably the sound of some forest creature stirring in the darkness. The sound of the wind moving the top branches of the trees and the far away sounds remind me of the unforeseen forces that exist in our hidden world. It is a world that has many dark corners that we cannot see or understand. We only hear the sounds. The sounds can take many shapes and forms when coming from the unknown. Like now.

Out in the darkness, somewhere, I hear a distant sound. It almost sounds like something moaning. Or is it a growl?

Perhaps it's a howl!

Is it real?

The question is not really relevant. The sound might be difficult to distinguish but one thing is for sure, the sound does exist. The sound is unmistakable and very much real to my ears and mind. The source may be a mystery, one which I may never know the truth but, the sound is definitely real.

In the night tonight there are a lot of similarities to that night back then. The story I'm about to tell you has the same characteristics of this cool night in the forest. I attest to what I'm about to tell you it's the truth, so help me God….

But for now, I will spare you, for this story I will reserve for last.

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Comment by blondebombshell on November 13, 2008 at 7:54am
I love your photographs and stories... each one spills your talent and passion.


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