As a non-profit art and community center with four unique gallery spaces, the Harwood has an unusual freedom to support a diverse spectrum of artists. As we all know, the competitive nature of markets, which includes galleries, often limits the quantity and diversity of things found in markets (ie: exhibiting artists' voices). We take great pride in the fact that we frequently showcase new faces in the art world, adding bits of fresh perspective and loads of potential to the walls of this community's art spaces.

Take, for example, this November's Albuquerque Academy exhibition in our south Youth & Emerging Artist gallery. High school art students are a decidedly experimental bunch, and the Advanced Placement students participating in this month's exhibition are no exception. With few years clocked in the art world, most youth artists feel free to explore self expression without the frustrating pressures of finding gallery representation. And that is just how we think it should be! By the time 2008 comes to a close, this year at the Harwood will have featured five high school artist exhibits, four youth artist program exhibits, and three graduate student artist exhibits. Talk about fresh perspectives!

While our Youth & Emerging Artists galleries have been leading the charge in to less explored territories for some time, the Harwood's Director of Exhibitions, Darby Photos, would like to see our more "established" downstairs galleries embrace increasingly experimental and boundary-pushing realms. Afterall, isn't it only fair that we share our freedom with others and diversify New Mexico's art world in the process? We also hope that artists will use their media to push societal boundaries and comment upon our political culture, as can be seen in our November Front gallery, which features Joe Sackett's exploration of the arresting emotional impact of flags. With the assistance of a dedicated Gallery Committee composed of talented New Mexican artists and enthusiasts, we promise to continue to share the fresh, talented, and often unheard voices to you.

Check out our galleries each month! With a few exceptions, we feature four new exhibitions every month of the year.
Gallery hours: M-F 10 am - 4 pm and First and Third Fridays 6 - 8 pm.

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Comment by cc on October 30, 2008 at 7:37pm
Way to go, Harwood!
Push the boundaries, show new voices - all in a space that many of us feel is like a home.
Neat to know that an upstairs gallery is totally devoted to Youth and Emergent.
Please keep us posted as to any other Youth shows, hopefully one open to other high schools around town. All power to you, and
In solidarity!


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