Now that the semester is finally over (hooray!) I can finally take some time out and really check out the new site. I've been itching to get at it since it went live, but due to my computer dying a month ago and having close to zero spare time to do anything but sleep, I haven't been able to do very much in the online world.

Oh, woe is me.

But a break from the internet is always good every once and a while, and plus it allows me to focus on other things around the city. Or at least around UNM (insert gratuitous link to UNM Flikr site here).

Really, this last semester has been the most work-intensive for me (not counting second semester Java programming, abandoned majors don't count) and now I have a ton more knowledge and a 25 page research paper to show for all my hard work. Hours of reading articles, doing research, writing reviews and comments, and miscellaneous homework made this semester go by really fast. That and the month or so of crafting that I did to get ready for the ASUNM craft fair. Which, by the way, I still have stuff from.

Now for grad school application, half-assed studying for the GRE in January, and hoping that I get enough scholarships to actually make it worthwhile. Because if I have to work more than 20 hours a week next year to cover all my expenses, it's going to be way too overwhelming. Why do I do it? Something about having something to show for going to school in state. That and it will allow me to continue taking flamenco classes at UNM without necessarily having to pay for them.

Still planning on developing my CSS skills, but seeing as how I haven't written any substantial code since this summer, I don't think I'll be tweaking this layout until at least February. At least. We hooked the desktop to our TV this last weekend so I could functionally remain without my computer for as long as I need to, and it really reminded me how important accessible website design is. After changing all of the settings to make all the text look HUGE (since I have pretty bad eyesight), when I got on the net to check my regular sites/blogs, there were a lot of things I couldn't read, and once I was able to increase the text size to be readable, layouts completely broke. Sigh. Perhaps I need to check out what Molly is up to right now.

The demise of the logic board in my computer makes it pretty impossible for me to follow through on any tattoo idea that I have at the moment, and once I graduate it will be time to use any saved up money for a) bills or b) Festival Flamenco Internacional. I really need to make some tattoo artist friends and get my touch ups whenever humanly possible.

Enough with the moping and catch-ups! I need to clean my room for the next few days and get ready to start on the quilt that I said would be done by Christmas (eek!). Also, getting back into the swing of blogging after being away for 2+ years would be a good thing too.

Oh, the possibilities!

PS. Congrats to everyone graduating this semester!

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