The True Gift of the Holidays...Catching Up

Ahhh, the holidays are nearly complete and another new year with new opportunities to make a fool of myself is at hand. While I enjoy the many 4 day weeks with breaks in the middle of the week I get to suffer through (kinda feels like I'm driving with a really bad clutch, vroooom, stall, vroooom, stall, vroooom, die) I really love the weekends when my myspace inbox fills with notes of "Hey, I'm in town, let's get together."

It's a funny dynamic I have with many of my old classmates from high school. To this day if my fiancee sees someone from high school she dives into the bushes and pretends she's from Montana. Me, I'm happy to see the bully who used to make life miserable. I suppose there are those who enjoyed high school and those who didn't but I dunno, Del Norte class of 99 seemed to enjoy each other for the most part. It just felt like it was us against the world, if the school board wasn't trying to cut our attendance with new boundaries then the new Rio Rancho high school was taking our classmates. If that wasn't a problem, everyone claimed we were some gang school. We all knew better and after seeing many of my classmates, we've worked hard to show we're better than that.

99 wasn't a year of many athletic achievements, our soccer team was pretty good but football and basketball didn't make many waves. No, our class shined in the less-celebrated but just as impressive academic groups. Youth In Government was ruled by DN students under some very good teachers and some very determined students. The Newspaper and Yearbook both had staffers that were recognized nationally.

The students who walked at graduation with me are among the finest Albuquerque will ever produce. I can tell you about the model in New York with her own album, what about the staffer for Martha Stewart? Maybe you should hear about the academic who received a fellowship with Oxford. Many of my classmates chose to wear the military uniform and protect us despite any reservations they or their families had to their job. I know a career adviser, a university adviser and a rocket scientist. Some of the children born to these people are the most amazing you'll ever see and even a couple of the weirdos make pretty good parents.

You're in good company when you are a successful manager at a bank and even you feel the need to puff up your chest to remind yourself that you're not doing too bad either. Then again I can't even say I graduated in the top half of my class, probably should have done some of that homework I heard so much about.

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