Friends of Martini Mike! AHCH Critical Needs Drive AKA Pt III of my Holiday Series

You've heard it called by different names but it's all the same drive!

Rather than my usual tales of debauchery & shopping I am going to fill your minds with visions of warm socks. You may have caught that I started this "Critical Needs Drive" for Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless recently. This is due to some inspiration from Johnny Mango & a sign from God.

Well, it has a name now! Or two. And I have decided to make this my "first annual". Because it has grown from a few close friends to a lot of friends. See, it's not all fun & games in Martini World!

I am truly ecstatic over the outpouring of support for this. As some of you may know... I have been homeless from time to time in my youth.
Hell, just 10 years ago I lived in a tent.
It's not always due to the reasons many of us think.
Even if it is... they need help.
So, let's reach out, starting this holiday season, and lend a hand to those in need.

I am looking forward to our creation of a mega giant holiday "pile o' stuff" for the homeless.
It is quite impressive so far but I know all my great friends, old & new, will come through.
oh the pressure.

I have already had boxes dropped of in my driveway, have personally shopped with some of you, and have many promises.
Keep up the good work.

I spoke with Dawne Bell at AHCH today & these are the most critical of the items needed at right now:
Just give something. Please.
I will be making house calls & such until 12/31 when we will cart it all down to their offices.

The entire list is below...

I just want to thank everyone & remind you to give whatever you can.

Drop me a line if you want to meet up for contributions.

Cheers to you!


A case of bottled water is like $3. at Costco, a blanket is like $5 at Walgreens, old pots & pans.. Goodwill? What about all those shampoos you stole from that hotel? You get the picture.
THE LIST of Critical Needs:

Art supplies

Back packs


Books for kids

Bottled water

Children’s craft supplies (glitter, glue, paper, etc.)

Children’s white t-shirts for tie-dying.

Cleaning supplies

Clock radios

Coloring books and crayons

Diapers (children's--all sizes)



Greeting Cards


Lip balm

Low Fire Clay


Pots, pans, dishes & silverware (for the residential programs)




Sleeping bags

Socks (new)

Tickets for the movies, children’s museum, etc.

Toiletries (regular size or the travel size from hotels)

Towels & linens (new)

Underwear (new)

Vitamins (new, unopened)

Water bottles

Children’s toys should be new, unwrapped (and non-violent).

Donated items will be distributed to individuals and families without homes who

receive services at the following AHCH programs: Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic, STARS (behavioral health and case management services), residential recovery programs, ArtStreet Studio and our Outreach sites throughout the community.

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Comment by Michael P. "Martini Mike" D'Arco on December 28, 2007 at 6:12pm
A slew of new drop offs today! It's so much I had to move it all from under my Xmas tree!!
Comment by Adelita on December 28, 2007 at 6:22pm
I've got stuff for you Martini Mike. I live relatively close to AHCH. When are you dropping stuff off? I'd like to add it to what you've got.
Comment by Michael P. "Martini Mike" D'Arco on December 30, 2007 at 12:57pm
Thank You to everyone who pitched in!
We can barely walk through the den at this point.
Hope we can pile it all up in just one truck tomorrow.
You are all super!!

Happy New Year


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