Fun things for a new person to do... as told by a new person redeux

Well, I had such a positive repsonse to the first go at this, I decided to add a few more things that perhaps would be of interest to a new person visiting the Duke City and surrounding areas. Again, my thing is looking around for things that might not be on the front page of the ABQ tourism pamphlet you grab as your walking out of the airport. Indeed, these art things that may only have interest to a select few... but there you go.

and here we go.

1. The Seasons... this is a place to go for an anniversary or first date that you want to impress the pants off of (um, figuratively or literally.) This restaurant has a really solid menu, with a couple of decent vegitarian selections at any given time... but the real treat is the wine selection. Modern decor lends itself to long conversations about art movements you really dont know that much about. Recommended for a nice night out, and surprisingly it is not as outrageously expensive as it smells.

2. The Q Bar... and while your down in that neck of the woods, be sure to go check out the cute little bar over at the Sheraton across the way. The Q bar is a nice place to go for drinks, martinis, and... um... drinks. A little slice of big city sheek in old town.

3.Casa Rodeña Winery... there seems to be a pattern here... while we talking about wine, be sure to go check out Casa Rodeña winery. I have to admit, i was less that amazed by there reds, but its definately worth going to a visit to this charming little casita with its vines and grapes and things. Nice little stop if your going to be down in the valley.

4. Pelican's... Seafood??? In the desert??? sho nuf. And not bad seafood at that. This aint your half-dead, couldn't-sell-it-to-the-east-coast-restaurants kind of fish either. It's surprisingly fresh. Every meal comes with a BIG (like Seinfield big) salad. and bread and the works. PLUS, as an added bonus, if you go on a friday night to the one on Montgomery, you might get some very entertaining people watching... man, some weird people eat fish.

5. Rio Gande Blvd... if your looking for a nice way to kill a sunday morning, take a drive up Rio Grande Blvd, starting down at old town all the way up to Paseo or Almeda... it twists and turns and its a nice drive through the ranchos and winery country. Want a early breakfast? You'll pass Flying Star, the Los Poblanos Organics farm and BB, and other charming little sites. Also, if you do it early, stop at the Los Ranchos Farmers Market. All in all its a great way to kill some time.

6. North Valley Food Co-Op...While your down in the Old Town, North Valley area, check out this organic food store. Everything you need to live healthy and you giving back to the community at the same time... BONUS!

I seem to be on a food thing here... maybe i need a snack.
MORE soon.

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Comment by chantal on November 14, 2007 at 1:13pm
Diggin' your suggestions. I've never actually been to Pelican's but will check it out soon.

Also, second the motion on Casa Rondeña. Quiet and intimate ambiance that's unparalleled at other local wineries.
Comment by terraambient on November 14, 2007 at 10:51pm
ive heard that nantucket shoals is a great place to buy seafood for home, but Ive not been there yet. Most likely it will be in my next to do thing.
Comment by chantal on November 15, 2007 at 7:34am
Yep, Nantucket Shoals has a small but quality selection of seasonal things like skate wing and halibut cheek. Haven't been in awhile, but their offerings have always been delicious.


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