Last Saturday, I finally fulfilled my dream of getting a scooter. I’ve been saving for one for a few years, so I finally went over to Downtown Scooter to get one.
First of all, Downtown Scooter is great. The owners, a young (and cute) couple, are friendly and incredibly helpful, and the prices are much lower than what I’ve seen at places like New Urban Transport. I got to test drive one around the parking lot across the street and learn all of the basics of it—how to use turn signals, etc.

The rest I learned following my dad around while he rode his bike. He’s a pretty experienced cyclist and I can get away with driving pretty slow on the residential streets.

It’s actually quite easy. Like riding a bike that doesn’t require you to have any actual muscle or stamina.

I’ve been taking it to TVI in this weird route across UNM via the loop that goes around the campus and Yale, which works pretty well—it’s less scary (if not actually safer) than taking the bigger streets. Parking at TVI is much easier when one can take advantage of the motorcycle parking spaces.

Another scooter parking boon-- parking at meters is free as long as you don’t stay longer than the time the meter is for (you can stay at a one hour meter for one hour). City Ordinance 65-1974, section 9-5-19.5 (Thanks Chantal)

I haven’t been gutsy enough to take it on any of the larger and scarier streets in Albuquerque yet (Hello, Menaul, San Mateo and Lomas), but since the scooter that I got is not extremely high powered (4-Stroke, 49cc), I’m probably going to avoid the ones that I can’t go the speed limit on.

For more scooter information, see this week’s (or maybe last week’s?) issue of iQ and QuirkyBurque/Das Scoot. If you’re interested in the annual Albuquerque scooter get-together, check out Camp Scoot.

And if you get one (or have one already), please please please use a helmet. I also suggest you get gloves-- the throttle gave me a very ugly blister.

Photos by Lissa Heineman.

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Comment by NMBeek on January 20, 2008 at 9:41pm
Gloves are good for the eventual, and inevitable, gravel smack on the knuckles too.

I gotta admit.. you got me with "growing up to be Ramona Flowers". I had to Goggle to find out who that was. :-)


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