We have enormous respect for our Police. You may have heard on the news last night that the Albuquerque Police did a prostitution sting by placing an ad on Craigslist. (Warning, NSFW).

Our only question is where did the cops get the picture? We have visions of some APD chief saying "Officer O'Mally we need you to take one for the team, now braid your hair and let me go get the crime scene photographer . . ."

You see our "before" picture. Here's the "after" picture.
Or perhaps they found the picture in the glovebox of a drunk driver's car.

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Comment by Eckleburg and Grumblecake on November 22, 2007 at 9:29am
This story was copied over from the original Duke City Fix. Here are the original comments:

Spartacus wrote:
Eww. I think that cop frisked me once...
08/24/07 16:25:23
DougR wrote:
Sparty.... is that you in the pic? What's your number? (ha ha ha)
08/24/07 16:29:05
Spartacus wrote:
You mean THIS pic?


Yeah, that's me. You caught me. I'm off to catch a shower... ciao.
08/24/07 16:40:18
magoo wrote:
I wish that cop would frisk me...(naked cop, of course)
08/24/07 16:41:13
Jim M wrote:
Don't the cops have anything better to do than to entrap people?
08/24/07 17:41:39
rats! wrote:
As if these john stings would stop people from finding whatever they want to find. Prostitution: legalize, tax the gals/pimps and have the workforce tested for all that's bad. It works.
08/24/07 17:48:00
magoo wrote:
oh, to be entrapped by naked cop girl for 5 minutes on the holodeck......(I digress)-----go focus on DWI blitz, boyz....
08/24/07 17:48:53
Claire wrote:
Why is it O.K. for Nevada, but not for here?
08/24/07 17:56:49
my other name is.... wrote:
"This posting has been flagged for removal
(The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)"

08/24/07 18:03:39
Marty wrote:
The first confirmed sighting of Pika Brittlebush? Glad to see she's on the right side of the Thin Blue Line.
08/24/07 18:44:16
Jeff wrote:
So all the meth labs are shut down and all the drunk drivers off the road? Now if we can just keep people from paying for sex the world will be right. Nice that our stupid police are posting naked pictures on the internet. Really nice.
08/24/07 18:56:03
Ricky aka MoonFlower wrote:
Jeff: I see. So cops should focus all of their energy and resources on one single thing at a time, like say, Meth labs, and then when they finally get that job done, go on to the next one, like Drunk Drivers and then maybe investigating missing kids and then maybe do the prostitution thing.

"Nice that our stupid police..."

yeah...next time someone shoves a gun in your face, tries to rob your house, rape you or anyone you love, try calling them "our stupid police" when you call to have them come and maybe take a bullet for you.

And you know what, they still will, even with the complete lack of respect you show them.
08/24/07 20:07:41
Cheryl wrote:
I think a good defense attorney would point out that the girl in the picture is hotter than your average craigslist hooker-that's extra entrapment. If they listed a bargain price-that fall's under extra extra entrapment.
08/24/07 22:22:08
magoo wrote:
I totally agree, Cheryl, that gal in the pic is a cut above, might have caused some of these desparate dudes to cross the line of common sense & reason
(lawyer up, boys)
08/24/07 22:34:10
Jim M wrote:
"yeah...next time someone shoves a gun in your face, tries to rob your house, rape you or anyone you love, try calling them "our stupid police" when you call to have them come and maybe take a bullet for you."

I had to call the ABQ police once after somebody tried to rob my house and I had to wait 3 hours for somebody to show up.

I guess all the cops were surfing Craig's List trying to lure unsuspecting people into victimless crimes.
08/25/07 01:22:58
Keep -em real wrote:
A cut above? She's sporting several pounds of silicone.
08/25/07 02:52:56
magoo wrote:
daddy likes silicone.....
08/25/07 03:10:31
just my opinion wrote:
Ricky: I think Jeff's point was that a police force primary job is to protect the public from criminals. Who is being protected here? I certainly don't feel any safer now that these Johns are busted. In fact, one could argue that the women of Abq are LESS safe now that horny men have one less outlet for sex and might turn to rape.
08/25/07 07:22:01
jeff wrote:
that be a different "Jeff" - not to be confused with me who frequently posts here as "jeff".
08/25/07 08:09:09
JEFF wrote:
Don't listen to those other two.
08/25/07 08:52:51
Jason P. wrote:
I think given the strains of the Albuquerque Police Dept. and the thugs they deal with on a daily basis, they do a very good job in our city. It's too bad so many DCF readers and bloggers hate cops.
08/25/07 09:27:53
Spartacus wrote:

I am Spartacus.
08/25/07 09:28:38
sam wrote:
this is a shameful use of police time and taxpayer money. there were 4 prostitutes standing 2 blocks from my house last night around 2 am, if you're going to go after prostitutes the problem is on the streets, not with internet based transactions that take place in private. the entrapped johns have probably already been let go anyway. what a waste...
08/25/07 09:47:38
Jason P. wrote:
to "just my opinion":

that is the most ridiculous reasoning I've read on this board. It's like saying there should be hookers so men won't rape women.
08/25/07 10:03:21
Cheryl wrote:
Ok, I'll say it just for kicks. There should be hookers so men won't rape women. And it should be legal so the police can make sure men don't rape the hookers. Randy Thornhill at UNM wrote a book on it, maybe someone should ask him.
08/25/07 10:34:59
Ricky aka MoonFlower wrote:
Yes, prostitution will stop men from raping.... because as we all know, rape is all about the sex....

The police forces job is to protect the citizens and enforce the law. Cry all you want about how prostitution should be legal but the fact is it's not and the vice's job is to enforce the laws on the books.

Quite frankly, I'm fairly impressed with the creativity in this.

Entrapment my ass. Would you call what dateline does, pretending to be children on the internet to catch child rapists,entrapment?

If you want the law changed - change it - but this criticizing the police for just doing there job is "stupid".
08/25/07 11:05:01
Jason P. wrote:
Amen Moon....nice post. Don't blame police. Blame the horny dudes who are cheating on their wives. Why get mad at police? They're not breaking the law--they're just enforcing it.
08/25/07 11:27:05
-S wrote:
Cheryl, men rape women not because of sex, but because they enjoy the fear they elicit from their victims.

Legalizing prostitution is the last thing New Mexico needs.
08/25/07 12:20:05
sam wrote:
prostitution may be illegal but going after it in its least dangerous form with limited resources is the most "stupid" thing of all.

prostitutes provide a service and an outlet that has been with us since the beginning of time and these impotent little stings will not change that. and if you are going to use resources to combat something that will never go away, then take it to the streets where it is most dangerous.
08/25/07 12:39:16
jmo wrote:
Jason P - you have quite a knack for missing the point and attacking posters who do not fit your view of the world. No one is mad at the police. I am upset at the ridiculous priorities that their superiors have. No one here suggested legalization. "They are just enforcing the law". That is funny. More like: "it is a lot of work to find someone breaking a law, so let's set some suckers up."
And how often do you think men rob a 7-11 to get money for hookers?
08/25/07 13:29:24
Jason P. wrote:
imo---since you obviously know so much about police work and what their priorities should be, maybe you should run for mayor or become a vice officer yourself.

these guys may not be making a huge dent in the prostitution problem, but they're doing their job which they are sworn to do.

prostitution is illegal and the law should be enforced. Period.
08/25/07 17:15:19
Jason P. wrote:
also...do you think the crime ends with the solicitation of a hooker? Often these hookers are drugged up, and have gang-banger pimps.

IMO...you need an EDU.
08/25/07 17:16:35
nora wrote:
08/25/07 19:27:31
Memnoch wrote:
Own several firearms and become proficient in using them...then you'll only need to call the cops to process the dead body of the (intruder/rapist/robber) on your property

"If rape is inevitable, one should just wrap her legs around his back and really get into it"
08/25/07 22:05:02
jeff wrote:
IMO - The police should be focusing their attention on more serious crimes. A few "Johns" off the streets didn't keep somebody from breaking into my car last night.
08/26/07 08:22:18
magoo wrote:
well, jeff---apparently this break in is your fault....if you lived in Nob Hill like the rest of us, the break in wouldn't have occurred....
08/26/07 09:44:02
Pimp me Jojo wrote:
"jeff wrote:
IMO - The police should be focusing their attention on more serious crimes. A few "Johns" off the streets didn't keep somebody from breaking into my car last night. "

Jeff, perhaps the guy that broke into your car was trying to find shit to steal in order to fund his whoring escapades. So chill out my man!

But don't dispair dawg, you are contributing to Jojo's retirement fund, after all pimps also need their golden egg.

08/26/07 10:15:08
whochacha wrote:
i can't think of anything more repugnant than getting it with a prostitute. it just makes my skin crawl thinking about it

hey! anyone in the mood for a funny ABQ tranny clip from Cops? god im glad Marty banned this show from the ABQ. haha.


this clip never gets old to me
08/26/07 11:05:17
Jessie wrote:
"-S"... Then how do you explain men who drug and rape women. No fear involved there--just an unconcious vagina. Rape is about sex and rape is about power. For the sadistic rapist that you describe (far in the minority, I think, but elevated to bogeyman status by too much TV watching), fear is probably part of the motivation. But I think the vast majority of rapes occur because the perpetrator in question wants sexual access and doesn't have it. Absolutely prostitution (especially in a legalized, above-board form) would prevent some rapes by offering a consensual sexual outlet.

While I do strongly believe prostitution and all other victimless crimes (especially drug use) should be legalized, I can't fault the police for enforcing laws as they now stand. But I gotta wonder with e+g what use of police resources resulted in that photo...
08/26/07 16:39:22
maximus attentivus wrote:
Rape is about power. Sex is just the excuse. "Release," my foot. As if we were just steam engines. I totally love the "victimless crime" set. Usually a bunch of self-centered white men (or white male apologists) claiming the silent and powerless can't be victims. After all, if you can imagine a filthy crime as exciting and pleasurable, it must be so! While we are at it, let's go after the dirty crime, with white, middle-class, law-abiding victims. You know, the crime perpetrated by the shadowy, swarty, REAL criminals. Nice.
08/26/07 17:16:43
THAT Jeff wrote:
My point was... of ALL the ways APD could be using their "limited resources" entrapping men by posting a picture of an attractive woman with a bargain price is not the best use. While the 5-10 police officers were hiding in a hotel room, someone was waiting 3 hours for a robbery response. While they are hamming it up on the TV news (who they invited along to shame the people involved) all they are doing is trying to show how they are cleaning up the city without any effort. Bait that trap, rough up the guys. My company suffered a theft recently. The officer that responded had us fill out a report and that's it. He actually said "it's not like CSI... we don't do fingerprints or anything. Plus we only have half the officers on duty that we did 6 months ago. sorry". I know where they could find a few... Holiday Inn Express. Sorry I called them stupid. How about "misdirected"?
08/26/07 17:24:37


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