It's that time of year when ghost of things past, present, and future begin visiting us.

Here are several ghosts of past that have visited us recently:

1940 Movie Short:
This pre-World War II video follows models and moviestars around the Southwest US. First stop: Albuquerque, and its very young Albuquerque airport. There, they are greeted by Native American music and dancing. The troupe heads off to the Alvarado hotel (pre-parking lot phase, of course) for a review of dinnerware attire.

Vintage New Mexico postcards:
What self-respecting traveller doesn't pick up a few postcards during their trip? Here's an awesome collection of vintage postcards from Albuquerque, including a great one of the El Vado Hotel (see page four), recently slated for destruction but saved (for now) by Marty Chavez using a historical building designation.

Grateful Dead Audio from 1971:
Speaking of people who toured the US, the Grateful Dead made several stops in the Duke City. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can hear them here in 1971 at the Albuquerque Civic Auditorium (we're not sure where this venue was or what stands there now, but we do know that it was torn down sometime after the 70s... a shame, since we also learned that Frank Lloyd Wright consulted on its design!).

Happy Holidays, folks!
eckleburg and grumblecake

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Comment by Eckleburg and Grumblecake on November 22, 2007 at 9:42am
This was originally posted on the old Duke City Fix. Here are the comments that went along with it:

Spartacus wrote:
Wow... Skaggs Drugstore on the postcards! Man, I haven't seen Skaggs in years. I remember, as a kid in the mid-70s, Skaggs was the place for your trinkets. There was one near Lomas and San Mateo, across from the old "Los Cuates" (which, back then, was Silviano's), that's the one I remember. Now it's a run-down old Osco Drug. Back then, it seemed huge. Now it appears trite, compared with ultra-mega-hyper-super WalMart.

Skaggs drug probably couldn't make it these days; surely the name would be a liability, ha-ha. It sounds like a group of nasty barflys.

Man, if they could get that neon happening again downtown though. Wow.
12/19/05 11:11:36
DougR wrote:
LOL...I remember Skaggs. Remember Ed Black Chevrolet? Heck I remember when I lived in the NE Heights and the end of town was just past Uncle Cliffs. Is the Uncle still a going concern?

Did you ever play baseball? I played in Altamont little league. They moved the fields farther north from where I played.

Did anyone out there used to have milk and dairy products delivered by Valley Gold? My father's uncle was the number 2 guy there.

Yep some of the landmarks are still familiar but my little town has grown up.
12/19/05 11:25:08
Spartacus wrote:
Ha! I actually *worked* at Ed Black's in the late '80s. I was just a lowly warranty clerk in the service department. I remember walking down to the Cornucopia Restaurant where the gas station now lies on the corner of Central and San Mateo: they had the BEST green chile cheeseburgers, hands down.

Remember Rainbow Gardens skate rink? I remember seeing quite a few teenage roller disco wannabees there. Here's one for ya'll: How about Iceland Bowl and skating rink, also over near Central and San Mateo. It's completely abandoned now, but yes, there was a time when there was an indoor skating rink there.
12/19/05 11:36:50
GypsyRose wrote:
Great stuff. I recall the Civic Auditorium was close to St. Joseph's Hospital, near I-25. I went to at least one concert there in the early 1980's -- Pretenders I believe it was. There was a large area left open on the floor for dancing.

When I first moved here in 1980, Tramway was still partially dirt and was frequently flooded out during the monsoon season. It's still hard for me to believe the powers that be filled that beautiful road with gas stations and junk food joints.

I miss Yale Park too. And taking my dogs out to run free in what seemed like limitless open mesa on the West Side. It was also nice taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride on Corrales Road or up into Placitas, where there were still many squatters and no McMansions.
12/19/05 11:37:22
Phil wrote:
E & G: thanks for the GREAT links. These are all going into the permanent bookmark file.

The rest of you are bringing back good memories family moved back to Albuquerque in 1979 and settled in Nob Hill, which was still mostly the domain of the elderly folks who'd moved there when the neighborhood was first established. My brother and I were the only kids on our block for years. We got our first Star Wars figures from the San Mateo Skagg's, shopped at the Piggly Wiggly a block down (where John Brooks Food Town is now) and frequented both Siliviano's and the original Los Cuates. My dad drove a succession of shitty 80s Chevys from Ed Black's (even a Citation, ugh!). As for the Civic Auditorium, I took up the bagpipes after an Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders performance there around 1984 or so.

And Iceland the time I started hanging out there in the late 80s/early 90s the bowling alley had already closed and the ice rink was an indoor soccer facility. But the arcade had the best video games in town. DEFINITELY an unsavory atmosphere most nights, but when Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II beckon, what 14-year-old can resist?

This is a fun game...anybody else miss the Polynesian Lounge, Fred's Bred & Bagels, the Hippo Ice Cream Parlor, or the natural ampitheater out on the West Mesa where punk bands would occasionally play?
12/19/05 12:11:22
Spartacus wrote:
Ha, I miss Farrell's (sp.?) Ice Cream Parlor, over by Winrock. I think it morphed into the TGI Friday's that's there now. It sure had that roaring '20s feel, I remember it being *the* place to have your birthday. It's nothing but a murky memory now. Yes, Skaggs was where my brother and I bought our first Star Wars action figures too! Man, if we hadn't been stupid kids eager to unwrap Han Solo and Luke, we'd be gazillionaires today after selling 'em on eBay.

Ok Phil: How about Itsa Italian Ice, eh? After school, sometimes we'd drop by there for a lemon ice. Yum... Or how about Shakey's Pizza, over where Talin market sits now? Mmmmm... Oh, and, man, what was it called before it was the "other" Los Cuates? It was Silviano's rival, and I remember they had the most incredible chile con queso; it's where the "new" Los Cuates sits now on Lomas.

I'd kill for pics of the area in the '70s and early '80s. Surely somebody must have a few snaps scanned in somewhere...
12/19/05 13:16:25
DougR wrote:
My first concert ever was at Tingley Coliseum...Kiss...1977! OUCH!

Okay do you remember Bob White's market on San Pedro and... can't recall that NE Heights cross street. It was a small grocery store on that corner.

I have another one for you...I used to take the all dirt Hahn Arroyo to Cleveland Junior High!!! Yikes! In fact my stomping grounds were one block from Montgomery park in the Heights. I remember when they put the tennis courts in. That entire arroyo through the park used to dirt, too.

I remember Iceland Bowl and Rainbow Gardens too.

What schools did people attend out there. Yes I'm graduate (ha ha) of Gov. Bent Elementary and Cleveland Jr High. Moved the summer before I would have attended Del Norte. And this day too many years later.... I can't stand Sandia High! HA!

12/19/05 13:17:52
Maria wrote:
I remember Fred's Bread and Bagels quite fondly. Still have one of their great t-shirts. I often wish I had one of their bagels - no shop in town has topped them yet. I wonder what happened to the "wall of fame" photos, autographed by bands touring through town in thanks for the free meal Fred's offered to them all.

And man, do I miss the Frank Zappa mural. I remember attending a coffee and cigarettes memorial for old Frank that was hosted by Aaron, Fred's owner and guiding light. Yeah, Fred's is sorely missed!
12/19/05 14:07:53
GypsyRose wrote:
The Hippo ice cream! And all the little bookstores near UNM, including Salt of the Earth. The women's bookstore on Silver near Girard and what was the name of the coffee place on that corner? EJ's?

Friends of mine used to live in a truck camper propped up on bricks in Placitas. Other friends had a place there where all those living with, shall we say, primitive amenities took their showers.
12/19/05 15:26:36
Dead Head wrote:
Must of been one smokin' [pun intended] show - New Riders opened for the Dead:

And what a set list.
12/19/05 16:27:06
memory testing wrote:
I saw the Steve Miller Band at the Civic Auditorium in 1970 or so. Years later I worked back stage, I think Whitney Houston had a concert there in the 1980s. That place was a horror by then. I can't believe we could book any shows there. I didn't cry when they tore it down, but it was an interesting structure. I think the dome was made by pouring concrete on a pile of dirt that was then dug out. Paolo Soleri style of years later--PS certainly influenced by Wright.

I remember when Donovan came to UNM, a concert in Johnson Gym. Elton John also performed at the Pit in 1971.

Back then, Montgomery Blvd. was barely there. There was a gas station--Exxon I think out there, and a Beau Britches where they sold Landlubber bellbottoms, to die for. That is about all that was there. I know the BB building is still there, years later it became a very cool fabric store, Exclusive Fabrics. We don't have any kind of "exclusive" fabric store here any more, people just don't sew like in years past.

We had Baba's and Osha, Sattvic yoghurt and sprouts. And the Jazz Workshop in the old CocaCola building on Broadway at the railroad tracks where there is a Federal Bldg today.

Towapa in Placitas. Squatters. Meredith Monk's sister lived there. Those were the days.
12/20/05 10:32:04
Somegye wrote:
Fred's Breads was an highlight of the 1990s Nob Hill.

Yes, Albuquerque had good bagles, and they were there. French sourdough bread, a string quartet playing Sunday mornings, riff raff squatting outside the front door with their dogs.

They (Fred's, not the riff raff) also make a great rosemary-olive loaf, but the real fun was watching the bread slicer in action -- the only cool-machine rival to Frontier's tortilla automation.

For a brief spell, Fred's tried operating as a post-bar slice joint. They sandwiches were always good. One New Year's morning, they served a whole new menu with brunch eats off a griddle. I remember one item featured "dolphin-safe bacon."

It was that kind of place.
12/20/05 10:38:14
Steve K wrote:
I remember Bob White's Supermarket! That was on the corner of San Pedro and Comanche. I used to go there for my candy bar fix back in the 70's. The building is actually still there, but it has been subdivided into a number of small restaurants.

Speaking of old video footage of Albuquerque, does anyone remember the Anthony Quinn TV show called "The City"? The show was filmed in Albuquerque and Anthony Quinn played the mayor. He would spend his time pondering about the problems of being mayor at different scenic Albuquerque locations.

There was also that TV movie in the early 90's where Victoria Principal played the mayor of Albuquerque. I remember they shut down part of Zimmerman library at UNM to use it as the mayor's office.
12/21/05 12:02:53
Phil wrote:
Spartacus: I LOVED Itsa. Still just isn't summer without it. (Where does one get Italian fruit ices in ABQ anymore, anyway?) Thinking about it has me remembering other long-gone Lomas businesses, like Russell's Bakery and its surrounding shopping center. (Imagine a little piece of Nob Hill at Lomas and Carlisle...Scoop's Ice Cream and Video, Trespasser's William children's bookstore, Gil's Runner's Shoe World, and the barbershop where I got the same haircut for 10 years, no matter what I asked for). As for the pre-Los Cuates place: I can see the half-lit neon sign in my head. Don Something's...Don Carlos? Lomas was quite a bit more lively 15 or 20 years ago...can we blame Sally Mayer?

Steve K: That Victoria Principal show was horrific, horrific. Zimmerman Library stood in for City Hall because the real thing wasn't picturesque enough. Her honor the Mayor drove a vintage Chevy pickup with hay bales in the back and made love atop the Crest with the Tram in the background. Ick.

Oh, and memory testing: my GF's family are Placitas denizens since the late 70s. One of them has an illustrated "history" and rule book for one of the 60s communes...fascinating.

Man, Fred's...Aaron Cometbus (perhaps one of the riff-raff) name-checked it in a mid-90s zine for having celebrity pictures of both fugazi and william shatner...
12/21/05 13:46:59
Rhys Burmann wrote:
Every so often i scan the web for Fred's listings and today, feeling the end of another year I did it again. I had a little flutter in my heart reading about all the old stomping grounds on the Cental Ave strip. I worked at Fred's for about 4 years during the hay day period. We never could make any money there, overhead was out of control. We had 50 employees at that time. It felt great suporting so many young people and bands and local culture. Fred's felt like the center of the universe during those years. We all felt like family. Remeber Fred's Head? Working at Fred's, everyone knew you or of you. It was a real ego rush. What a joy it was working with Aaron, Sarah and Becky and all the gang. What a thing we did there, being so apart of the community and so affecting eveyones spirit as much as we did. These were the best memories of my life. Having learned of Aaron selling Fred's and moving to Arizona really broke my heart. These times they are a changin'. As times always do. I myself left Fred's to sail a little boat out into the Pacific to find what karma had in store for me. Not many people in the world can say they were given a sailboat over a baking table in Albuquerque NM.

Thank you all for bringing these memories to the surface again. i hope a few of the old places are still there, Bow Wow, Artichoke and that great pizza and bar on the otherside of Central (Forget the name).
12/30/05 11:28:48
Rhys Burmann wrote:
Oh, by the way....I still make that Green Chile Cheese Bread!!!! Best bread in the world. Not a good as Fred's version but who has a Hobart mixer in their kitchen.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the old Fred's space? I heard who ever bought it from Aaron tried to keep it going but it fell far short of the old Fred's feeling.

12/30/05 11:35:18
mel wrote:
I remember Ed Black's Chevrolet. They had that black crow with the big toothy smile that always said, "CHEEP." I had a coin purse that had the face of that bird.

I remember when Sandia Heights had about 5 houses (my dad used to build houses up there). Tramway was a dirt road, and we called it "rollercoaster road" because it had all of those bumps and hills...
01/10/06 12:56:57
Deb wrote:
I Lived in Towapa and gave birth to two children there...Tai and RainBo. "Memory testing" above made mention of it. Any one who lived there please respond.
03/14/06 11:57:37
rav906 wrote:
What about concert of group The Nazgul in 20 september 1791?? I'm looking for some music from that date..
05/31/06 02:16:14
S.H. wrote:
Wow, Farell's and Soda Straw! Farell's didn't morph into TGIF, though, it sat empty in the Winrock parking lot for years and years and was eventually torn down long before TGIF was built.

Remember Soda Straw over on Louisiana across from Coronado? That was back when Rhode's department store was still in that one corner.

And Bob White's supermarket that someone mentioned. Do you also remember Sabino's grocery store over on Wyoming between Menaul and Candelaria. It was just north of what used to be Hoffmantown Baptist church and is now a little church of some sort itself. When I was really little they were the only store in town that had these great chocolate-covered icream cherries. They looked just like candy chocolate covered cherries but had ice cream in the middle instead.
07/20/06 11:53:29
Lin B wrote:
Bob White's supermarket was at the corner of San Pedro and Candelaria (not Comanche). I loved shopping there. Bob White and Margaret were really nice people. Now, as someone said, there are several restaurants there.

As for Los Cuates, I think it was in an earlier life a restaurant called "Cocina de Carlos".

I thought that "Itsa Italian Ice" was still there on Lomas; I'll have to look next time I go by. There is still a listing in the phone book.

As for Russell's Bakery and surrounding shops, they were all torn down to make way for a big Walgreen's, much to the fury of the nearby neighbors.

The Kimo was somewhat restored a few years ago and used for some small performances. The big change is in Albuquerque High School, the original building, which now has been made over into quite nice loft apartments.
09/15/06 19:41:57
Doc wrote:
Wow! Great memories from ABQ a long time ago. Just stumbled onto this site by "accident" and I love it. I remember Sabino's. In fact the owner lived across the street from me on General Arnold in the 60s. How about Hoffmantown Drug and Mr. Swiss just up Wyoming toward Candelaria? And Skaggs at Eastdale. You could walk from Skaggs through Safeway to Duckwalls on the inside . . .sort of like a mall. To Doug R: I was at that KISS concert too. The opener was Uriah Heep, which was why I went. By the way, I went to SHS. Madison Jr. High and Yucca Elemntary before that. Now I live in Colorado, but my mom is still in ABQ so I make a visit now and then. There's nowhere in the world I'd rather be from!
09/21/06 14:36:21
mark wrote:
I was looking for Freds Bread and Bagel here for the expressed purpose of finding Aaron. I too worked there, I was also the Chef at the Artichoke Café, before the present and still chef who is there now “Richard” and I will leave it at that for the moment. I did not recognize the person who said that they went sailing away on a boat, which means nothing at all other then I simply don’t remember that person now but I am sure if I saw them I would know them in that instant. I do remember Becky and Sara, and know now that JB Jones is dead and other things have come and gone since I have been away. But most of all I wanted to find Aaron. I cannot for the life of me remember his last name? Odd? Not at all for me. The fact that he went to Arizona, not too strange, but again I would like to find him if possible. I know that this post was written years ago and the likelyhood of anyone seeing this again with any info is small but hey I’ll reach for the straw anyway if you know anything post back that you do and I will check here from time to time to find it and if so I will find you if you too check back in again from time to time………. This may mean little to many but it means much to just me. Thank you.

If you can help and if not and you were there in the early years I too know you even if you don’t remember me.
Sincerely Mark A Baar
10/23/06 20:14:38
snark wrote:
I am pretty sure Aaron gave up Fred's to get more heavily involved in Landmark Education, which is based in Phoenix. You might try him there.
10/24/06 08:51:28
the hand model, bitches wrote:
His name was Aaron Hendon, I'm pretty sure.
I heard he moved to Arizona to join some business-type cult thingy that he brought in to help micro-manage Fred's (into oblivion, unfortunately.)
That's all I know.
Fred's was the bomb, as they said back in the day, but don't say anymore...Homeland Security restrictions and all.
10/24/06 09:18:16
xicotenga wrote:
i used to hang out at fred's quite a bit in the early nineties, before i left abq for a few years to travel. the last i heard, and its been about six years, aaron joined a group called the forum, which some regard as a cult. i was told that became a major player in their organizaton, organizing workshops and lectures on their beliefs, et cetera. about three years ago, near christmas time, i saw a group of fred's alumuni, including aaron, sitting at a table in the downstairs bar of zinc, drinking and carrying on. i stopped by to shake hands with all of them and we all called eachother by name and then i returned to my table...two martinis later, when i looked up they were gone.
10/24/06 09:43:34
travis71 wrote:
Aaron Hendon works for Landmark Education in their Seattle center, and I believe he's been there for a few years. The phone number for the center is 206-545-3730.
10/24/06 12:07:09
mark baar wrote:
Thank you I received some e-mails and those proved helpful so again thank you.

I often wonder what happened to a lot of the places that were springing up around the time that the “Dingo” had been open for about four months or so when I was still the chef at the Artichoke, there was the “Rio Bravo” indie beer place which I help open after leaving the artichoke and before going to work for “Fred’s’”, it had the best neon in my opinion. There was the strip clubs that were popping up on Central as well and across the street from that was that stupid little rave club with the crappy fake smoke and bad music. There were also some yuppie bars opening as well and basically central was on a roll. I had the lease on a building on central with the whole upstairs just above the curio shop from the movie “natural born killers” if any one remembers that one. It had Mexican silver dollars in the sidewalk in front of it. Last time I was there though the only place I went back to was the place I spent the most time in “Jacks” That was and is my favorite bar in the world and I have been in a lot of bars over the years in a lot of places here and over there as well. There are so many people that I met and drank with there some famous and others just normal old drunks like me. But all who liked to talk and had been places even if just in their dreams. Jacks with it’s sign was the best and I miss it a lot though I no longer imbibe as NY tried the hardest to kill me especially SOHO just after I left Albq. And I found that I had my share by the age of forty and had to leave off it altogether or else. Someday I will go back, my only son so far was born there and lots and lots of memories and a few old friends are there other then that it is all just dessert and sand to me now. But Lovely all the same.
10/28/06 22:08:11
CDG wrote:
Lived in ABQ from '56 to '66 and wanted to add a few rambling thoughts...walked across the Embudo arroyo (still dirt) to Cortez Elementary before it became I40...walked or biked from San Mateo and Indian School Rd area to Monroe JHS and the only things in between San Pedro and Louisiana were the Landmark APTs and prairie dogs - I think the old school is now a parking lot...remember Winrock being built and hangin' out at a record shop there that had booths that would let you listen to the records before before/if buying - What was the name of that old shop?...terrorizing the kids at St. Pius school whenever possible...the family had a couple of "Enco" stations, one at San Mateo at Commanche and the other in the 5600 block of Menaul...shooting pool and getting into trouble at a billiards hall next to the old Bekins (Ballio's) building across the street from the station...learning to drive in a '56 Chevy on or near the King Ranch where they had first cut the dirt roads that would become Rio Rancho...riding bikes with my friend to the foothills and not passing a building east of Moon...still have an Ed Black Chevrolet "crow" piggy bank "Where everybody wears a smile..hehehehehehehe!"...watching Tom Doyle do the news on KOB (I think) and occasionally forgetting to press the cough button and burping on the air...having some fun baseball and football games at Alvarado Park...some great camping trips all over the state as a member of scout troop 183. Albuquerque was a fantastic place to grow up in those days...I miss them!
11/11/06 21:33:54
Dave wrote:
Worked at the Cornucopia for a couple years. When I was there, they had an excellent crew. The owners canned the manager, though (great guy) and soon after it went downhill. Lived near Montgonery/Eubank when both were still dirt. Went to Eisenhower when the paint was still wet. I remember when they were installing the huge power towers on Montgomery. Thought those were the coolest things when I was a kid. In those days, we'd get road runners that would parade up and down the street we lived on. Every time it rained, the street became a brown river. LOL. Man - I'M OLD! :D
01/08/07 23:32:25
trace wrote:
Winrock Center in the 70's. The commercial for Winrock had that genie flying through the air. Walgreens used to be at Winrock, and at JC Penney you could buy candy and they had a machine that made caramel corn right there! I remember I bought a 110 film camera at a store named Globe, and it later turned into another department store named Zody's. This was down on west Central. I also remember eating at Royal Fork which was downtown, and the sign still stands, and last memory was when Denny's used to be a restaurant named Sambo's :-)
01/22/07 12:18:23
snan wrote:
Don't forget:

Wild Water Slides
the Far North movie theater
Don Panchos
In Crowd
Living Batch Bookstore
Video Plus

Before it was Midnite Rodeo, it was the Big Apple, and before that it was Skate Ranch!

I always liked going to Allwoods when I was little. And driving past the big pink building on San Mateo at Constitution where the mannequins all wore fancy dresses.

And my goal when I was 10 was to own a Rainbo Sno when I grew up.
02/21/07 21:42:19
Lee wrote:
Yes, I remember the Sakggs at SM and Lomas. Actually, it was forst a Super S store (Safeway on one side and general goods on the other). Could get a iccream cone for 4 cents. I remember the Cornucopia at SM and Central. When first built it was a Sambo's. Saw Hendrix at the Civic Auditorium. It was a rounfd building. I remmeber Yale Park. I use to go to the Country Barn which is now the Frontier Restaurant and shoot pool behind it at Cromwells.
03/31/07 17:25:30
Matt wrote:
Anyone remember Bag'n'Save or Fair and Square? I'd always beg my mom for a quarter to put into the mechanical rooster to get an egg prize!
04/18/07 19:32:35
Jeff wrote:
Anyone remember Pepino's P-Pizza Joint?

I was a kid in the mid 70s, and sometimes when mom got paid, she would take us there. I never had a pizza ever in my life that tastes to me like theirs did.

They went down in the late 70s, and the place became a Godfathers Pizza as I recall. Over the years I ate Godfathers and learned to like it, but I always missed Pepino's.

Later they put a Godfathers on Academy, which I was familiar with because we lived off Academy and Truchas. I remember seeing Tootsie and Octopussy at the Far North theatre.

I also recall a drive-in theatre on San Mateo, roughly across from Uncle Cliff's. Was stuck in the back seat the night my mom saw "The Way We Were" there in its first run.

I also remember being an even younger kid stuck in the backseat at the Terrace Drive-In, while my parents bottle fed my newborn baby sister, who was born in 1970.

Anyone remember the Van Halen concert in 1984 where David LEe Roth was so drunk he couldn't remember the songs, and a local radio station was able to garner enough of us who were pissed off about it to get the concert promoter to offer ticket refunds to angry concert goers?

I also used to DJ an oldies night at the Golden Tee in the early 80s with JoJo Pinneau. I have very fond memories of a woman named Bonnie, who worked at the Ramada Inn at that time.

As a kid I also used to love skating at Skate Ranch.
10/07/07 20:39:25
Jeff wrote:
I remember Bag-N-Save, and the only ice skating experience I ever had was at Iceland. I also had one of those coin pouches with Ed Black's bird face on it. "It's Ed Black Chevrolet you know, selling low, out they go. Buy Buy Blackbird!"

I went to elementary at a different school each year: Hawthorne (Ms Prekker), Gov Bent (Miss Chapman), Bel-Air, Comanche, Hodgen (Mr. McManus), others whose names I cen't remember. Mid School at Cleveland, graduated High School from Del Norte.

My family moved to Alb in 1967 or 1968, and I can vaguely remember coming in on US 66 thru Tijeras canyon, riding on a few miles of the newly constructed I-40, and the Interstate ending abruptly in the just-begun interchange for I-40 and I-25, with a big 4-way sto at the middle of it.

My family moved to California in Feb 1984, and my brother and I shared a studio apartment on Lomas for the remainder of the semester at UNM (during which time was that Van Halen concert), and that summer we moved to California as well.

Anyone remember Ned's El Portal? It burned down, in 1983 I think it was.
10/07/07 21:23:16
Comment by DJ Miller on January 24, 2010 at 10:36pm
I remember "Tilt" arcade at Montgomery Plaza when it was still a mall. There was a movie theater downstairs there also.

I worked at allwoods in high school, they had that huge cross section of a tree about 10 feet wide.

We used to ride our bikes to Charley's records and tapes to buy used cassettes.

Charlies sporting goods was near pennsylvania and menaul. I remember going in there and it smelled horribly of cigarette smoke.

I have fond memories of Winrock as a kid: H Cook sporting goods was where the 2 level area is now, Toys by Roy seemed awesome and huge to the 8 year old version of myself. My friends big sister worked at Barney's BBQ in the food court. They had a pet store I think it was called Jerry's perfect pets. Down where the mens part of Dillards is now used to be a walgreens and a covered outdoor area with little shops.

We used to play tennis at Beverly tennis courts across Louisiana from from the mall, caddy corner to where St. Pius used to be. (abq uptown now)

Sadie's used to be in a bowling alley, my highschool girlfriend and I would go there and they would serve us margarita's.


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