For About 8 Hours...We Were A "Somewhat" Legit Show

My day job is one of those that some people find "neat". I get to do a morning show with my wife, and our really good friend on 100.3 The Peak. Usually we touch on "light hearted" stuff, or will spend way too much time discussing the downfall of "Brit Brit Y'all". Some would say we spend way too much time "yapping' and not enough time playing music. Others wonder why we even play music....we should just keep talking. And then there are those who claim we work for the "great Satan"....and contribute to the so-called downfall of FM radio (even though studies show there are now more listeners in the Albuquerque market then there were 5, 10 and 15 years ago)

My radio "career" has taken me to cities like Las Vegas (Nevada), Indianapolis, Corpus Christi TX and some other stops in between. Over the last 14 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing artists like Maroon 5, John Mayer, Eminem, Rob Thomas, and others who escape my mind. Yet this past Tuesday was a day I won't soon forget.

As a "music station" we usually don't get the big politicians calling us. Even though in this last ratings period, our show and the station were the top rated in Albuquerque. ( I would get more specific, but Arbitron gets upset), we usually get snubbed and 770 gets all the candidates.

Last week we sent out an email to both the Obama, and Clinton campaigns inviting them on for interviews. On the shock of all three of us, we received a reply from the Clinton people. President Bill Clinton....the 42nd President of these United States, would be calling us. Now we were in deep. See, we're not "news people". We are three normal everyday people. We go through the same junk you do. Wake up, go to work, pick up kids from school, make dinner, do to bed.....repeat the next day. Usually, if we get a "celeb", the interview consists of "what's your favorite color" type questions. I know....really compelling stuff....

So, we decided to ask for e-mail questions from our listeners, and use those. Here is our interview with the former President

Download pres clinton.mp3

After we were done, the realization that we interviewed someone who at one time, was the most powerful person on the face of the Earth, was somewhat numbing.

Fast forward about 7 hours....I get home from picking up our kids from school, and see that I have missed a call. After realizing the number is from a Chicago area code, I decide to call it back. It's the Obama campaign. They want to know if we can get the Senator on for a couple of minutes as a last push on Super Tuesday. Jackie and I race back to the station....with kids in tow, and get Senator Obama on the phone...

Download 020508 obama interview.mp3

wow.....we were stunned. Not only did we get the former President.....but now we had just talked to one of the frontrunners for the Democratic Party...and someone who could just be the next President.

By Wednesday, we were back to discussing Britney and her British accent. We were back to "yapping" way too much, and giving away Doodlebops tickets......but Tuesday is a day, I will never forget. It's one of those days that makes me hope that I am a grandfather in the future..just so I can tell my grandkids that once....a long time ago.....I interviewed a former President. And who knows, maybe even two.

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Comment by akoolstik on February 9, 2008 at 1:57am
most excellent
Comment by Adelita on February 9, 2008 at 6:44am
Wowza! Way cool. And tell Donny he's a brave man to do a Clinton impersonation to Clinton!
Comment by CB on February 9, 2008 at 9:35am
That is awesome!!!!
Comment by ridin on February 11, 2008 at 2:58pm
...Does this mean you guys are "growing up"...? Noooooooo!


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