I once made a friend online. We were talking about world views, and in the middle of it be apologized and said "I'm sorry, occupational deformation". When I asked what that meant, he said that in France they often use that phrase as a disclosure to any potential biases -stating that one's occupation distorts their way of thinking.

Well, last night I dreamed about water -again. I dreamed that we were on one of the islands, sitting in the shallow water as we watched cruise ships sailing by in the dusk. It was so dark and gray that we could only see the lights and the faint outlines of marvelous ships.

I awoke with that familiar feeling that comes when you allow yourself to become so distorted on an island that water becomes your home. Land looks strange to you. We used to take day trips to Miami for groceries and then go back home at night. My body would ache telling me when it was time to go back home. Just seeing the water made me feel less claustrophobic than being surrounded by the six lane highways and huge grocery stores.

When I open my eyes before I wake up and adjust my perception, I begin to think I'm on an island again. My body seems to be needing some adjustment to the vast quantities of sand out here -as well as the huge highways and big buildings, as I begin to tell myself "the water is no longer your home, you live on the mainland now".

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