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• Gov. Martinez' former campaign manager indicted on federal charges for intercepting emails. The funniest part? A sampling of the intercepted emails shows the Gov's penchant for shopping from iTunes, Jockey and Spanx.

• Over 10,000 workers are owed back pay from raises they got five years ago. They'll be paid, but the math doesn't seem to work. $23 million paid to 11,000 employees? "Here's your $2090. Sorry we underpaid you for the past five years."

• This year's Riverfest Weenie Race was Angel's first, and it will be her last. The dog was attacked following the race.

El Dentista indicted by the grand jury. Practicing dentistry without a license -- from his car -- earns him charges of forgery and possession and disposal of dangerous drugs. How badly would you need a dentist before you thought this procedure/individual was OK?

• "You can't drink oil." Mora County, a small community northeast of Santa Fe, is the first county in America to ban fracking for oil. They're doing it to protect their water.

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Comment by hettie on May 31, 2013 at 1:46pm

The dentist story is horrible when you consider that the reason people saw this guy is that they likely couldn't afford an alternative. People who have regular access to dental care often forget how vital it is to our health and how desperate someone can become if they have a cavity or infection. Years ago I worked with a guy who had no insurance and no savings to deal with dental emergencies. He'd wait until his situation was really dire--once the whole side of his face swelled up--and then go wait in line at 5 am at a clinic in the valley to have his tooth pulled. It's awful that dental (and vision) care isn't part of our national conversation about healthcare--it's SO important!

Also, Mora County has made a wise, wise decision--good for them for protecting their water!

Comment by Zuzu Petals on June 2, 2013 at 5:07pm

El Dentista: oh, please.

Comment by Zuzu Petals on June 2, 2013 at 5:26pm

There are many reasons why someone in Santa Fe wouldn't see a licensed professional or wait to see one until it is a medical crisis. Here's a list in no particular order: uh, they don't like dentists; they are cheap, not necessarily poor; Santa Fe just doesn't believe in badges, permits, licenses, you name it. And, frankly, I've got access to regular dental care and I never forget how vital it is, I also shell out for it. Okay, they don't have insurance? Do you know how many dang dentists there are in Santa Fe lately? Competition looks pretty tight to me; I wonder how many of them would have made a deal? 

Comment by hettie on June 2, 2013 at 10:15pm

It's unlikely that the sort of people who sought this person out would just waltz into a dentist's office and negotiate "a deal" for emergency dental care. While it's great that you're able to pay for dental coverage, there are people for whom the $50 this guy might have charged (for, what, a $250 procedure?) would be a significant strain on their finances. They're some of the same people who might not have any kind of health coverage at all because they're in the country without documentation, or who support themselves or even a family on minimum wage, or who might not speak much english, or who are very, very far removed from a world in which someone with a toothache might look up dentist online and start calling around to strike a deal. They're victims in this instance, too. Because, as the OP asks, how desperate would you have to be that this guy seems like the way to go?

Comment by Izquierdo on June 3, 2013 at 6:46am

I wonder who these state workers are getting the two thousand windfall? Do they include teachers? 


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