To the jerk in the middle of row three at the Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas concert at the South Broadway Cultural Center:

You nearly ruined the concert for me, my wife, and, I assume, countless other people. I don't care that you've been to Alasdair's music camp. I don't care that you have all his CDs. I don't care that you had your picture taken with him. I only care that at the beginning of every tune and often in the middle, you felt free to talk. Again and again and again. You selfish, oblivious bastard.

I was reminded of the Leonard Cohen concert at Paolo Solari we attended 15 years ago. Through the whole concert, the woman behind me sang along with every song. Lady, I know these tunes -- I was there to hear L. Cohen, not you.

I was reminded of seeing Stomp at Popejoy Concert for my birthday. A child immediately behind me kicked my seat the entire performance.

I was reminded of every movie I've attended in the last 10 years where there is always someone who thinks he is in his own living room, free to talk, talk, talk.

Shut up, damn it!

As for the concert: In spite of the jerk behind me, the concert was wonderful. South Broadway is a gem. Both performers were extraordinary. Natalie made me think of the Red Violin, the Witches of Eastwick and my first girlfriend. Natalie was as engaging a performer as Yo-Yo Ma. Alasdair made me think of my old friend & fiddler, Mick. Both reminded me of all the great musicians I know, including my old friend & fiddler, Jas. -- the paragon of animals -- seated just a few rows farther back.

In the end, I was reminded of the Carlos Nuñez concert we saw in that same venue. (This wasn't quite that good, but that was in my life-list.) And Odetta, there as well. The music lingers as the assholes fade away. peace, mjh

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Comment by Camian on April 19, 2008 at 11:07am
I have to admit, I am one to say "SHUT UP!" I have such a hard time being motivated to go out to movies, because inevitably, some jerk-wad sitting close to us, yaps or has a phone they refuse to turn on vibrate or OFF, or I have someone kicking my seat, and our splurge of $20 to go to a movie is tainted and all I can think is, "grrrr...., we should've stayed home, on the couch with a glass of wine and yummy Trader Joe's snacks!" Damn general public pisses me off!!
OK, thanks so much for getting me all riled up!
Comment by Zoe on April 19, 2008 at 11:29am
Amen brother. Also add to the "Peeves" list those folks who think its A-OK to forgo a babysitter and bring their crying, talking children to concerts or inappropriate movies. Here's a newsflash. Sometimes being a parent means you don't get to go to the movies or concert unless you can get a sitter. Whew. I feel better too.
Comment by mjh on April 21, 2008 at 1:35pm
Thanks all for commiserating. Amy, I'm not quarreling with you, but it seems harsh that we should give up great seats to get away from jerks -- they should be relocated. Regardless, the real problem is how to effectively confront the anti-social. peace, mjh


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