...the good old fashioned mix tape?

I have just begun a new relationship, and since I'm a music junkie, many many songs make me think of boyfriend dearest. And so, tonight, I set out to make him a set of mix CDs like he's never seen. I tunnelled through my entire music collection and came up with the [82] songs that reminded me most strongly of him, the things he says, the songs he serenades me with, etc. etc. While committing these to disc, the recipient called me, and when I explained what I was doing, he was in awe....both at my overzealousness and at the simple fact that I was making him something like this. He seems to have never been treated to a mix of the epic proportions like the one that will soon be coming to him.

Which got me to thinking......what has happened to the art of the mix tape? I mean really. Where is the musical power that rivals the passion of John Cusack as he held a stereo over his head outside Ione Skye's window in "Say Anything"? Where is the time and effort that goes in to cementing one's butt to their bedroom floor as they dissect each song and album, determined to find the perfect song? Where is the romance that allows every song to release a flood of memories (the first slow dance, the first kiss, the breakup song, the song you played when you got dressed for that first date in a new relationship)?

My guess is that these things are not gone. But many have forgotten them. People are caught up in the economy, the war, their troubles. This is why I am staging the coup of the century: let us again find that musical forum known as the mix tape/CD. Making it for the one you love is one thing...making it for yourself is a whole new ballgame. Don't go into this project lightly....give yourself the time you need to immerse your soul in the lazy melodies, thumping bass, poignant lyrics, and cheesball moments that should never be forgotten. Long live the moments of one-hit wonders, eternal musical gods, funky outsiders, and struggling indie gems. And dammit, long live the mix tape!

p.s. Here is the mix (burned onto four discs) that will be jumping and jiving its way to the BF's stereo...it's my perfect mix of sweet, nostalgic, romantic, goofy, hilarious, classic, and oh-so-unforgettable:

All Around Me--Flyleaf
All I Want--Toad the Wet Sprocket
All Shook Up--Elvis Presley
All You Need is Love--Lynden David Hall
Any Way You Want It--Journey
At Last--Etta James
Ballroom Blitz--Sweet
Beauty and the Beast
Before It's Too Late--The Goo Goo Dolls
Believe--Breaking Benjamin
The Best Thing--Relient K
Beyond the Sea--Robbie Williams
Black Roses Red--Alana Grace
Bleeding Love--Leona Lewis
Bohemian Rhapsody--Queen
Bubble Pop Electric--Gwen Stefani
Can't Get Enough of Your Love--Barry White
Car Jamming--The Clash
Come What May--Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman
Cradle of Love--Billy Idol
Don't Stop Believin'--Journey
Dreams--Van Halen
The Final Countdown--Europe
God Only Knows--The Beach Boys
Gunpowder & Lead--Miranda Lambert
Hallelujah--Rufus Wainwright
Have A Little Faith in Me--Mandy Moore
Here (in Your Arms)--Hellogoodbye
Hold On to Me--Rissi Palmer
In the Ghetto--Elvis Presley
It'll All Work Out--Tom Petty
I've Got You Under My Skin--Michael Buble
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing--Aerosmith
I Like It, I Love It--Tim McGraw
I Turn to You--Melanie C
Jailhouse Rock--Elvis Presley
Just to See You Smile--Tim McGraw
Kiss Me Deadly--Lita Ford
The Last Night--Skillet
Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)--Ella Fitzgerald
Let It Roll--Secondhand Serenade
The Longest Time--Billy Joel
Lovestoned--Justin Timberlake
Love Me Tender--Elvis Presley
Love Song--Anberlin
Making Memories of Us--Keith Urban
Moon River
Nine in the Afternoon--Panic! At the Disco
Now That You Got It--Gwen Stefani
Once in a Lifetime--Keith Urban
Only Hope--Mandy Moore
Open Arms--Journey
Our Song--Taylor Swift
Quando, Quando, Quando--Michael Buble
The Real Thing--Gwen Stefani
Red Sweater--The Aquabats
Rock the Casbah--The Clash
Romeo's Tune--Keith Urban
Say It Again--Marie Digby
She Never Lets It Go to Her Heart--Tim McGraw
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy--Kenny Chesney
Somebody to Love--Queen
Stay Beautiful--The Last Goodnight
Stay Close, Don't Go--Secondhand Serenade
Stupid For You--Marie Digby
Sunglasses at Night--Corey Hart
Ticks--Brad Paisley
Time & Confusion--Anberlin
TNT (Dynamite)--AC/DC
Vulnerable--Secondhand Serenade
Watch the Wind Blow By--Tim McGraw
We Will Rock You--Queen
When I See You Smile--Bad English
White Wedding--Billy Idol
Your Call--Secondhand Serenade

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Comment by Adelita on May 2, 2008 at 6:23am
The art of the mixed tape - now the mixed cd -isn't lost on me. I used to create all the mood music for the planetarium's special events. Know how many love songs involve the words moon, stars, universe, sky and even Mars?

I've taken my mixed cd's to the extreme and do themes. My favorites that I've created are my Big Bad Mama cds. I'm now on volume 12 and put together the biggest, baddest, women's voices and songs around.

Other themed/mixed cd's are "Medicine for Melancholy", "Drinking Songs", "Road Songs" (which I created for Johnny Mango's cross country bike adventure), "Songs for BBQing" and even "Songs about Dancing".

I kind of think of mixed cds/tapes as little soundtracks to your life at that time. Cool!
Comment by Adelita on May 2, 2008 at 6:29am
Oh I totally forgot about my "Devil" cd. All songs with Devil in the title!!


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