On Saturday I was having an idyllic day. It was just great. My husband works on Sunday so we did Mom day on Saturday -Breakfast in bed and then an hour and a half to read in bed with out interruption.
We did errands without anyone falling apart.
So later in the day when we realized that we needed garlic, barbeque sauce and some chicken I decided to go to Lowe's. Many of us Downtown have mixed feelings about the Lowe's; the quality of produce varies wildly, the selection is small and there is that funky, rancid chicharone smell as you walk in the door. But I just didn't want to go up the hill to the Smith's, Sunflower or the Co-op.
So I boldly went the Lowe's and it was so pleasant.
As I was walking in a nice guy offered me his cart, but I had already gotten one. There was a family with 3 kids walking around being nice to each other. The youngest kid was having a great time walking up and down in front of the meat counter grinning at people, while her parents watched. A middle-aged guy who seemed neither drunk nor stoned was wandering around the store singing happily along with the 50's era rock music.
When I got to the check out the clerk asked if I needed any cash back, in case I was "going out later or wanted to take a pedi-cab ride." I looked puzzled and he explained that he drove a pedicab on weekends and was just doing a little shameless self-promotion.
I am not expecting this the next time I go in, but it was such a nice surprise.

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Comment by dolores on July 20, 2008 at 9:45pm
I second that emotion. I know Lowe's is the Tortilla Flats of grocery stores, but damn it I like it. Its old fashioned and reminds me of being a kid in the 50's, living on Capitol Hill in DC, and walking with my grandmom to an independent inner city grocer . She always had one of those metal wire carts with 2 wheels to put our purchases in.
And another thing, Lowe's consistantly has the best avocados in town. Haven't had any better except in Mexico.
It's got character. It's got a family feel to it, every one seems to know each other.
Comment by JMG on July 29, 2008 at 11:41pm
I live by the Lowe's on 4th St. My husband and I sometimes go there and, while the offerings are limited, we always come home with stories. One time the guy argued with me, telling me there was no such thing as turkey burger. The check out people are always talking about when their next break is, when they're not shmoozing with the panhandlers that hang out in front of the store. Most of the front check out people aren't licensed to sell alcohol, so there is a cash register in the back, in front of the small liquor area. I brought a bottle of wine to the counter once and the lady asked, "Is this wine?" I said yes and she asked, "Is it good?"

Mind you, she wasn't asking about the particular vintage or even the variety. She was asking about "wine" as a category of thing.

They have the typical hanging signs, identifying what is found in what aisle. I love that they have an aisle sign for "pinatas." Check it out if you don't believe me. 4th and Griegos. Also the cheapest gasoline in town.
Comment by dolores on July 30, 2008 at 8:14am
Your post gave me a good chuckle this morning. You know I have never noticed the pinata sign......I will look for it next time I am in. Never noticed they had gas........do they really? You mean like for a car? So much for my powers of observation. Loved the wine story, it really sums up the essence of Lowes.......but you know, I enjoy know a few people that are clueless about things like fine. Reminds me of another story, thats a comment on our times. I was at Albertsons, and I had a box of oatmeal, not "quick" but the stuff that cooks on the stove, for about 15-20 mins. which is quick enough for me. The check out person said, " You make your oatmeal from this"?, with a questioning tone in her voice. "yep," says I, "and guess what",
" I also make my popcorn from kernals that I pop on the stove, with oil in the pot" " Really?" she says with eyes widening in surprise. Then yells to another checker a few isle over, "Hey Cynthia, she makes her oatmeal from this stuff"(holding up box) I felt like some old pioneer lady
Comment by JMG on July 30, 2008 at 10:57am
Yes, there is a gas station in front of Lowe's on 4th that generally has the cheapest price in town. It's funny to see all the cars idling, using up all that gas (and time!) waiting their turn to get to the pump. I need to get a picture of the Pinatas aisle sign to post here.


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