I wrote a blog for the tourists, and it has been a few days and another post since then, but after sleeping on it for several nights I feel very compelled to share with all the DCFers the really fun time a bunch of us innkeepers had a week ago past last Wednesday. We needed to have a meeting, but no one really wanted to, so someone decided to plan with the Albuquerque Trolley Company and they gave 30 of us a special tour of the town. Special, because we were mostly all long time Albuquerque residents that thought we knew it all about the Duke City. Not so.

The Albuquerque Trolley Company is owned and operated by two Burqueños that used to work for ACVB. They had the Trolley built especially for touring our city, and one look at its adobe colored stucco exterior with blue trim will tell you it was built special for Albuquerque. Co-owner Jesse is the driver and co-owner Mike is the man with the mike, the MC. He had a lot to tell us all and started as soon as we pulled away from the Bottger Mansion at San Felipe and Central. I really don't want to divulge the whole tour to you, but I would like you to get enthusiastic enough to try it yourself. He is fun and witty and has researched well.

The whole enchilada takes 66 minutes, (or so - but that is a good estimate), and takes you from Old Town to Nob Hill and back, with detours on and off Rt 66 into the different historic neighborhoods of ABQ. This is NOT just a trip up Central and back. I am especially pleased with the attention given to Barales, being that so much of our City's history is there and it is a part of town that gets a bad rap way too often. We also visited The Huning Highland neighborhood, Nob Hill, UNM Campus and more.

Please consider taking this ride. It is a hoot. I bet there are a few of you out there who have seen a glimpse of this stucco trolley in the area, with bell ringing, tourists gawking and cameras snapping away. Give it a try. Great for a date, for out of town friends and family, or just for you and some curious friends. It ain't just for tourists. I am pretty sure they have some sunset rides planned for this month and next, and have a "Trolley of Terror" planned for the last 10 days in October - so climb aboard!

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Comment by DCMc on September 11, 2009 at 9:49am
This city tour sounds wonderful. I have seen the adobe trolley buzzing around town a few times and wondered what it was all about. I'm going to have to try it out.
Comment by Bosque Bill on September 12, 2009 at 1:15pm
Cool idea!


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