Buca Di Beppo was our night out with family last Saturday. We were with a group of 16 people and Buca Di Beppo handled it wonderfully. This is really a great place to take a party. Their food is great and some of their drinks are right on the spot. Each couple ordered their own plate and we passed them all around so we ended up with a very wide variety of foods. We ordered the Fettuccini Supremo which had chicken breast, broccoli, sweet red bell peppers and fettuccine tossed in creamy Alfredo sauce. This was such a delicious plate and if we didn’t have so much of it I may have just kept it all to myself (sometimes I don’t do too well with sharing, especially when it comes to pasta). The other plates ordered were Spaghetti with Meatballs, Chicken Carbonara, Penne San Remo, and Chicken Parmigiana. There was so much food going around I am surprised that they didn’t have to roll us all out of there. The food was all so flavorful and very well prepared.

Now the drinks are something to try. I may have over-indulged a bit but it was a time for celebration and I sure did celebrate. I started off with a frozen margarita which was really good. There aren’t too many ways you can make a bad margarita so don’t expect anything spectacular but what was spectacular was their peach Bellini. I had an unblended peach Bellini which is a blend of sparkling wine, DeKuyper Peachtree Schnapps and peach purée and since mine was unblended it has a peach slice at the bottom of the glass. This was one of the best drinks I have had here in Albuquerque, it was just the right mix of textures and tastes and wasn’t overwhelming. I would definitely take this drink over a mimosa any day. I also had a glass of their Sangria which is a blend of Barefoot Merlot and brandy mixed with orange juice, simple syrup and fresh orange and lime slices. Their sangria was pretty good, not my favorite here in town but it was tasty. They also have a good selection of other yummy looking drinks and beers so I will be going back to try something new sometime and maybe you all should too.

The atmosphere in Buca Di Beppo is very unique, it is very much like the stereotypical Italian grandma’s basement. The décor is very eclectic with pictures of hula hooping nuns and other such comical scenes. On your way to be seated they take you through the kitchen almost as if it were a house and you were family, it was just natural but really neat seeing as how you don’t even hardly get to see the kitchen in most restaurants. There are many different dining areas and we were seated in the Cardinal room and we took up three tables along one wall. We are a noisy bunch but I guess if you are going to be noisy this is the place to do it because we weren’t the only ones. Also, just a warning, if you go there to celebrate a birthday, graduation or other special occasion it is very likely that they are going to sing to you. Don’t ever say that you weren’t warned. Overall the experience was great and this was an experience not just dinner. The wait staff was all so nice and the food was great. I would definitely recommend Buca Di Beppo as a place to go celebrate with a large party or just for a nice dinner with a few close friends. I hope you all have a great weekend in our wonderful city of Albuquerque!

ABQ City Girl

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