A Warm Welcome Awaits at Conchita's Cafe

Going out for breakfast is one of those things that normally has to wait until the weekend seeing as how that thing called work hinders this activity during the week. However, I was fortunate enough to be on vacation last week and decided to treat myself to this glorious activity one morning.

Awhile back, Duke City Fix's very own Lita Sandoval mentioned that I should check out a charming little restaurant downtown called Conchita's Cafe. The place is only open weekdays for breakfast and lunch and so that meant I would have to try it on a day that I didn't have to work due to the time constraints of my job. That opportunity presented itself last Monday morning. 

Conchita's - named after the owner's grandmother - is located downtown in the courtyard of the Simms building at 400 Gold Avenue SW. The restaurant is open and airy and is decorated in a Dia de los Muertos motif with colorful paintings and a large chalk mural adorning the walls.

Upon entering the restaurant, you must proceed to the counter to place your order. Seeing as how it was fairly early in the morning I perused the small breakfast menu which consists of 6 items ranging from a breakfast burrito to French toast topped with berries and whipped cream. I was in the mood for a Mexican type breakfast and decided to order the Breakfast Quesadilla with sausage along with a nice big cup of coffee to help snap me out of the morning grogginess that I was feeling. After placing my order I took a seat at a table near the front of the restaurant and proceeded to check out the lovely artwork while I waited for my food. 

The wait was not long and, before I knew it, this delightfully large quesadilla was placed in front of me accompanied by a little cup of guacamole and Conchita's own salsa which I hear has a reputation for being some of the best salsa among the downtown restaurants. I'm inclined to agree - it's fresh, flavorful, and provides just the right amount of kick to take your meal up a couple notches!

I was immediately struck by the generous fillings of sausage, eggs, and cheese and was excited for my first bite which didn't disappoint. The tortilla was nicely browned which added a pleasing tender crunch and provided a nice texture contrast to the softness of the other ingredients. The sausage was tender and exhibited that familiar sage flavor without being overpowering. Now...don't be fooled by the above pic...it looks like there are only four pieces on the plate but there's another 4-piece layer underneath making for a giant quesadilla that is sure to satisfy your morning appetite! 

One of the nicest parts of my Conchita's experience was the friendly service. The woman who took my order at the counter was very personable and attentive. She made sure I had everything that I needed to enjoy my meal. Also, as I was finishing up, the owner came to my table along with her adorable baby daughter to personally greet me and ask me how everything was. She also pointed out that they have a $6 Daily Special ranging from a Green Chile Meatball Sub on Mondays to an Avocado Turkey Wrap on Wednesdays and New Mexico Frito Pie on Fridays.  It was a lovely gesture and sealed the deal in terms of making a return visit to indulge in more of their food offerings. I've got my thoughts focused on the Green Chile Meatball sub for my next visit!

Thank you, Conchita's, for a delicious breakfast treat. I'll see you again very soon!

P.S. If you decide to check this restaurant out, be sure to call ahead for free parking details!

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Comment by Adelita on August 1, 2016 at 10:54am

Yay!  I love Conchita's!  They also have a food truck that I love.  If you are downtown, it's a great place to eat! 


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