Adventures in Marketing: Before the Book Comes Out

After a few months playing hermit, I came out of hiding a few weeks ago to find a fantastically active poetry scene. My favorite reading, East of Edith, is on hiatus, but I've still managed to get to at least one poetry reading a week since I came out of hibernation: Poetry & Beer, OutSpoken, Adobe Walls and Final Friday. I missed MAS Poetry, and I might miss this week's Fixed & Free and Poetry Night at Bookworks.

The wicked truth be told, I'm partly going to all these readings because my first book is coming out in November and I want to cultivate and in some cases reconnect with my audience. It's my first venture into heavily marketing a book (the publisher has a minimum sales requirement to keep the book in print), but from several authors I've heard or read two bits of advice consistently: (1) Readings and other events where the writer interacts closely with the audience are the best opportunities for sales, and (2) Always carry copies to sell, because you never know. (I'm carrying copies of a chapbook until the book comes out.)

Of course, marketing a book of poems generally isn't about making money (except maybe breaking even). Usually it's about the same thing reading at open mics and slams is -- finding audiences, writers and perhaps communities.

One community I've found is a group of writers who've also published with an imprint of WordTech Communications. We're trading advice about marketing and recommendations for reading and submissions. Since I've found those so useful, I'll try to pay it forward with (hopefully) useful blogs of my first book experience as it unfolds.

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Comment by Elene Gusch on February 19, 2012 at 5:12pm

It's courageous of you to do a "real" book.  What's it called?  How much?  Other details?

Comment by Sari Krosinsky on February 19, 2012 at 6:43pm

It's called "god-chaser." I don't know yet how much it'll be; the publisher will decide, but a little under $20 seems to be typical for the imprint. I don't have an official description, but Maureen Seaton's blurb gives a pretty good idea:

Sari Krosinsky’s debut collection is a pilgrimage in finely wrought stanzas to a pantheon of pain-in-the-ass deities: gods, goddesses, and good old G-D from Mount Olympus, O.T., and a bus station in Philly. “A universe can burst from one man,” writes Krosinsky, and in god-chaser she startles us with a glimpse of her own universe and the multifarious beings zapping and flinging and blinding and cajoling and otherwise doing their best to wreak havoc...

Comment by Sari Krosinsky on February 19, 2012 at 6:49pm

Most of the process has been waiting--since I finished proofing and picked a cover image. The publisher was scheduled out that far ahead (it was in the summer that the book was accepted). Previews of some of the other 2012 titles are starting to go up on the website, though, so I'm hoping to see the cover design soon (like within a few months--that's pretty soon in book publishing time).

Comment by Elene Gusch on February 19, 2012 at 6:52pm

Well, I guess it's good to know that lots of people are finishing books and the publishers are busy....


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