Albuquerque's impending bundle of joy

I’m sitting at home recently when a KOAT teaser comes on.  Shelly Ribando is talking about how she is going to make the “big announcement” about the physical changes that have been concerning some of her viewers.  I felt a little puzzled.  Why the big announcement?  It's obvious she's pregnant.  My mom called it months ago.  My dad, too, noticed that Shelly's face looked "different".  Maybe it was my mom's womanly instincts, or the fact she's given birth to seven children herself (with no fanfare).  A small part of me was slightly curious.  Curious enough to watch, no.


Yes, I congratulate the soon to be proud parents, Shelly and Mr. Shelly.  Children are a blessing.  I do ask, why should I care to watch this?  I didn’t watch the coverage leading up to this "big story"-her romance after transplanting to NM  and wedding that soon followed.  I am grateful, I didn't have to endure any morning sickness horror stories, but I know the "big announcement" is the not the end.


Not soon after, another teaser of Shelly being interviewed in an obviously baby-related retail store.  Shelly is shown in front of extravagant beds and other luxurious baby décor.  Upon seeing this, I really know this is not over.  I have to look forward to Shelly and Mr. Shelly at Lamaze classes, the baby-name discussion, pictures of the neutral-gender nursery, the KOAT sponsored baby shower.  My mind conjures up a multitude of possible news stories about Shelly’s impending bundle of joy.  That is part that bothers me, this is just not news.  I wonder to myself.  Does KOAT think I’m too stupid to tell the difference?


My next thought is to the mom at the school where I work.  She is pregnant too, due the same month.  This will be her 4th child.  She is beaming just as much as Shelly.  This will be her first as well-her first boy.  The difference between these two moms-to-be is one of them will not be shopping for the luxurious chenille crib bedding featured in the KOAT teasers.  One will not have multiple baby showers thrown for her.  One will not have news coverage of all of her baby’s “firsts”.  The mom at school is graciously accepting the used, but almost new baby items being offered to her by the school’s health assistant, as well as my daughter's used, but almost new mobile, swing, and bumper pad.  She will feel the same joy as Shelly when that baby is placed in her arms for the first time.  Probably, just like Shelly,with her husband by her side. 


Yes, pregnancy and babies are causes for celebration, but amongst those close to you, family and friends.  I know I can't count myself amongst either of those in Shelly's case.  I can't even consider myself a loyal viewer.  Yet I am being forced by KOAT to participate in this community adoration of Shelly and her ability to procreate.   So I ask again, why am I being made believe that this is news?

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Comment by Hunter on May 8, 2011 at 8:25am
I couldn't agree with you more.  Ever since the "wedding" I will not watch any KOAT newscast with Ms Ribando.  By making herself the "news", it just serves to remind me how downmarket our local media are. When the news reporters become news stories, it's no longer journalism.
Comment by jes on May 8, 2011 at 9:12am
I wonder if there will be cameras rolling in the delivery room. This is just tacky.
Comment by cathyray on May 8, 2011 at 9:29am

I always wondered if Shelly did all of this willingly or was convinced by the powers that be that she would make good human interest. She doesn't strike me as a "media ho". I'm not all for it but not a hater either. I always thought it was kind of odd when tv women are preggers but nobody ever mentions it. I have to admit, tho, that when I saw the teasers for the "announcement" I thought "welllll, duh, we just went thru the wedding so I wonder what that is?" and "whooo boy, gonna be a long next 5-6 months" but then I decided "so what? I usually don't watch that channel anyway".

Congratulations Shelly & Mr Shelly.

Comment by Syd D on May 8, 2011 at 1:03pm

I imagine Shelly's a bit embarrassed by it.  I would be.


I'm an educator and when I teach about media studies, one of the a-ha moments for my students is the realization that there are human beings sitting in a room somewhere deciding what's news and what's not.  There's only so much time to report what's going on in between commercials, station promos, sports, entertainment, the weather, and such, and so to devote THAT MUCH amount of time to one anchor person's personal life is a bit much.  It takes time away from actual world, national, and local news meant to inform.


I see it as simply an offshoot of the cult of personality this culture rides on and a manifestation of how news is really driven by commercial revenue (aka ratings) and for that reason, has played more of a role as source of infotainment rather than news.

Comment by hettie on May 8, 2011 at 6:20pm

I haven't seen any of this and I'm not sure I know who this person is. but it does strike me as being a lot of non-news from the local new station. 


maybe she--and the station (hint, hint!)--will see it as a great opportunity to engage in helping out others who are in a similar situation but are less fortunate.  I'm sure there are local groups who collect donations for new moms who can't afford to visit fancy baby stores and who might be in desperate need of some of the basics required for new babies.  maybe they could interview representatives of those groups or some local moms who've been helped out or might be in need.  they could also offer to match donations of diapers or blankets or something along those lines. 


otherwise it just becomes a gross display of self-absorption and consumption. (I wonder if shop owners are paying for the chance to feature their products on these segments? does this woman get freebies based on those features?)

Comment by once banned twice shy on May 9, 2011 at 10:51am long ago was the wedding, hmmmm? 

Just curious--when Mr. and Mrs. Shelly get a divorce, will we be treated to a play-by-play of that as well?

Comment by Clifton Chadwick on May 9, 2011 at 4:02pm
This isn't even new for KOAT.  They've often had their women anchors/reporters do stories chronicling their pregnancies.
Comment by Leighanna Light on May 10, 2011 at 9:59am

I'm so glad that someone brought up this topic, since it's been a running joke in our house since the beginning!

I just don't understand the connection between news & celebrities, I want to know what is going on in the world, not what's going on with people who I don't know or care about. 

Between that, the "BREAKING NEWS IS HAPPENING N-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!! The obnoxious wind noises & "you saw it FIRST on KOAT" (do I really care which station got the story first)?I'm fed up & refuse to watch KOAT.

Comment by Paula Manning-Lewis on May 12, 2011 at 12:53pm

All I can say is WHO CARES!? This is exactly the reason I don't watch "news" anymore (local or national), it's NOT NEWS people! It's all carefully crafted distractions to keep our minds off the REAL news in the world. Pure crap!


Comment by Paula Manning-Lewis on May 12, 2011 at 12:56pm

Here is a link to a perfect example of what I'm talking about. This is FRONT PAGE news on the Comcast home page!

Seriously? Once again, WHO CARES!!??


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