My mom called me a week or so ago telling me that i needed to go see the Guerrilla Girls. I had no clue what she was talking about (which is odd since she raised me to be an artist and feminist....) and thought she was referring to Gorilla Tango. She described briefly what the GGirls were about and i mentally put the night into "Events I should go to, but probably wont due to lack of disposable cash income" and pretty much forgot about it until yesterday. While i was reading The Fountainhead i got an emailed text message from Duke City Fix about tickets to the Transporter movie (bleh.) and then another one right after for the Guerrilla Girls! I jumped up, ran to the computer and immediately commented without reading the directions. After a second or two i decided their was probably more to it and read the actual post. So after preforming the required actions (with quick Googling skillz) i won the 2 free tickets to see the Guerrilla Girls at the KimoTheater!
Today I read the article about them in the Alibi, heard about them on NPR, and subsequently got more and more excited! So my fiance and i rushed down there just in time to pick up our tickets from will call and grab our seats. I had never been to the Kimo Theater before either (which is equally odd since i used to live downtown AND it is the future home of my beloved Keshet Dance Company), so it was a treat two-fold! What an amazing venue! Really beautiful! If you haven't been there yet, you should really go take a look!
Anyway, after a nice introduction by the shows organizers (sorry, i didn't catch their names and couldn't find it in the program) and a couple minutes of 'technical difficulties" we were shown a short dvd of the girls and some of their work. It was of course humorous and met lots of laughs and applause. The GGirls then came down the aisles handing out bananas ( I got one!!! :D)

and made their way up to the stage. They introduced themselves as the lovely Frida Kahlo and Kathe Kollwitz (their chosen pseudonyms) founding members of the Guerrilla Girls. They explained that they use deceased female artists names and don gorilla masks in order to keep their anonymity and to keep the focus on the subject and not on their individual personalities. The ladies followed with a slide show of some of their work. They talked about the art world, hollywood and politics. They shared staggering statistics and a slew of stereotypical names for women: from Bitch, to MILF, to Hot Tamale, to name a few. They shared some of their 'ethnic dolls' which they assured would piss off everyone

and told a blond joke. They polled the packed theater on who in the audience was a feminist, and called on one brave male to help them with a skit about the art collector Eli Broad. A young guy volunteered and wore a dress and a tiara to "interview" Eli Broad ( Guerrilla Kathe Kollwitz) and tore the audience up in laughter with his slightly British accent and mannerisms.
To end the show, the Girls had a Q&A section with many good questions which now i can't remember. Sorry! We then walked over to 516 Arts (after wandering around Central a while not really knowing where we were going) for the reception and "Speak Out" art, design and politics show. The exhibit "features artists from across the country and the world who are not afraid to speak out" and was curated by Abby Goldstien, artist and professor at Fordham University, NY. I love me some political art and this show served it. It is open till December 20th so definitely go check it out!

and here's a pic of me with the Grrrls:

It was a really great event and i'm so glad i got to go! Thank you so much to Duke City Fix for the free tickets and thanks to 516 Arts and especially the Guerrilla Girls for coming and speaking and keeping the dream alive that one day women will be equal with men in every aspect of life; from the art world to the whole world.

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Comment by cathyray on November 22, 2008 at 10:24am
cupcake, it sounds like you had a blast!!
Comment by Cupcake Pharaoh on November 22, 2008 at 10:37am
i totally did! :D
Comment by Karla Linden, NMT, LMT on November 22, 2008 at 11:47am
WOW - wasn't it amazing!

I did get several photos of different people posing with them at the end of the show, down front - if anyone was there and I took your photo - please get in touch with me - I'd love to send it to you!


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