Q Smith started her Wednesday early, especially for an actress. She was up by 7 to get ready for her first full day in Albuquerque.

   She was transported to the studios of KASA Fox 2 for a live appearance on New Mexico Style with Nikki Stanzione. She was on the air by 8:20 and singing a few minutes later. She worried how she’d sound that early in the morning, but seemed pleased with her performance. Nikki came back onto the set misty-eyed and gave Q a hug.

   Next up was a trip to the studios of The Peak with Jackie, Tony and Donnie. She stepped into the studio at 9:20 and was on the air a few minutes later. Tony, having heard that she had sung on New Mexico Style, asked her what song she had performed. “Baby Got Back,” said Q. Everyone laughed. Tony encouraged her to sing for them. Q turned the tables and suggested that Tony sing instead. He begged off with a long explanation that no one bought. He did suggest, though, that everyone stop by Q's website, qperstar.com. (I recommend it, too.)

   Then it was on to KHFM to record a quick interview to air Thursday night on a feature that Brent Stevens and I typically run for Popejoy. Brent usually interviews me about upcoming shows, but Brent’s on vacation,so I interviewed Q. She talked about how much she loves her job. For the third time that morning, a long morning for a night owl.

   As I was taking her back to her hotel, she asked if we could stop somewhere to pick up a sandwich since she hadn’t had a chance to eat. I took her to House of Bread. As soon as she walked in, she was overwhelmed with the incredible aroma in that shop. After she ordered, she told me she was trying to cut back on carbs. Then she bought two loaves of dessert breads to take to the theater that night for the cast and crew.

   While she was waiting for her salad, the owner of the store, Dennis Vik, mentioned that he was in rehearsals for 1776, opening in Rodey Theatre next weekend. Q said she loved the score and asked him what part he was playing. Lyman Hall, he responded. I asked him what his favorite part of the show was. He mentioned the songs “Sit Down, John” and “Cool, Cool Considerate Men.” He blushed mildly as he talked about the show and his role in it. He clearly loved being in the show. His wife, he said, would be playing violin in the pit. Dennis' store, by the way, opens at 7am. Rehearsals at this stage of preparedness can run late, often past 10pm.

   That night, Q Smith went to Popejoy for the Albuquerque opening of Mary Poppins to do what she loves: performing for live audiences. She told me that she’s been touring with the show for four years and, this fall, will join the Broadway cast. She beamed a little as she talked about it. Much like Dennis had.

   Q finishes her run here this Sunday night. Dennis begins a three-weekend run next Friday. You ought to see at least one of them doing that thing they love. They’re doing it for you. 

Terry S. Davis
Popejoy Hall

Photo: Screen capture from Q Smith's appearance on New Mexico Style with Nikki Stanzione

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