"When you woke up this morning everything you had was gone." OK, things are not as bad as those Sopranos era song lyrics, but there may have to be some extra coffees had this morning to remove the sting of last night's LOBOS loss to San Diego. It's truly not the end of the world in earth-quaking clarity, but Cinderella's NCAA slipper got a little tighter around the edges. And it hurts.

So how can we regroup on this beautiful sky-blue-sky Satiddy on SPRING AHEAD WEEKEND? If you really feel like THE BIGGEST LOSER, you can take in an audition for the tv show from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. at the Sandia Resort and Casino. Not your cup of hot chocolate overflowing with whipped cream? Well, how about taking a shot at one of the many activities offered as part of today's goings-on at the month-long Women in Creaitivity event presented by the NHCC.

Still can't clear your head of bouncing basketballs? It may be time to hop into your vehicle of choice with your partner of choice and go check out the latest wide-open-spaces views at Mesa Del Sol before the vistas fill up with more buildings, houses, and water-sucking future-ness. Used to be you could drive around checking out flora and fauna out by the airport when it was 'empty'. Now there's a rental car kiosk and a lot of asphalt where burrowing owls used to play. Don't miss your viewing and breathing opportunities now at the place where they filmed T-5, where the Journal Pavillion will soon be named something else, and where you can drive very fast (Just kidding, Officer.) or stroll leisurely amidst tumbleweeds and cool architecture. (Take the Rio Bravo exit off I-25 and swing east to University Blvd...)

Ain't gots no car nor bicycle? I forgot that you woke up this morning and everything you had was gone! Well, here's something you can do from the comfort of where you are sitting right now. Have you been wondering if you are Smart or Stupid? Even before that fourth cup-a-java, you can take this fast-paced test to determine your smarts... SMARTorSTUPID test.

Don't like testees and need a new TeeVee? Well, what a coincidence, because now for something completely different. You can go shopping for a 3-D TV set. You knew it had to happen. As sure as rabbits like cabbage. We're not satisfied with digital, HD, and huge. Now a few of us might just need a 3-D TV in our living room. Can I buy one even if I haven't seen Avatar yet?

You don't have to go far
to see really cool stuff
in Albuquerque.

This week it snowed, sleeted, and almost hit 70 degrees in the Duke City. We even got a feel of the first few spring winds blasting through. Nothing unusual for an early Satiddy in Spring on that weekend when all your clocks Spring ahead (all by themselves if you are lucky).

We found this soccer ball in a tree in South Broadway...

And 'tis the season for Albuquerque-Bags-In-Trees Outsider Art....

"Blow winds; come wrack..." Willie Shakespeare.

And on your journeys, notice that something is changing at the Guadalupe Bridge over the train tracks at Avenida Cesar Chavez (aka, Stadium/Bridge)...

We'll be retorting on this project now under development, sooner than later...

We are still in THE BIG DANCE...
in a BIG way
debra landau

so quit yer mopin' and
get out there and strut...

debra landau

Go Lobos.

Maybe we'll see you in THE PIT at 3 p.m. Sunday for the FREE-and-on-National-TeeVee NCAA Selection Day Show from Albuquerque on CBS College Sports. Get ready to set your clocks so we can Spring Ahead together.

[photography by Jeff Hartzer-Featured model, Debra Landau.]

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Comment by anthony b miller on March 13, 2010 at 1:21pm
As sweet as ABQ looks in the above post by Jefferino, it is still Marching to Madness time nationwide (got 3g coverage on yer cellphone?). Only dancers as pictured as the lovely Ms D can dance anytime, the NCAA only dances onct a year. Lets hope the Team from the City of the Duke can beat the living crap out of the team from the Bull Town (aka Durham) called Dook. Even if the they don't meet , as a confirme Dook hater and UNM fan, I hope the the team from ABQ goes deep and with luck to the Final Four. Get over it Lobos and play hard in the dance.
Comment by Jeff Hartzer on March 14, 2010 at 2:14pm
It will be a fun free fest today at The Pit on a cold day in 'burqueville. Thanks for checking in all the way from Floreedah...GO LOBOS.
Comment by Debra Landau on March 14, 2010 at 4:07pm
Ah, those beautiful blue, blue skies of Albuquerque! Where are they today? Oh well, they'll be back soon. Was kind of hoping you'd have another awesome poem, as you did in your post last week. Maybe next week? Maybe an original one?


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