Friday the 13th, Fetish Party, Police, and the Alibi

On Friday the 13th Black Market Goods hosted a private party for a local fetish club. As we are an art space dedicated to all forms of expression (so long as they are legal) we hosted this without hesitation. That night two Black Market Goods members stayed on site to watch the facilities and ensure that party was safe, legitimate, and legal. From the hours of 9pm-4am the party went on unhindered, even with the visitation of two of APD’s finest, in uniform! The two uniformed police officers entered the party just after midnight. They made contact with a BMG member, had a look around, made sure everybody was safe, saw nothing illegal or unsafe and left. If any illegal or unsafe activities were transpiring at the party I trust that the well trained officers of the Albuquerque Police Department would have acted immediately to curb the activity. Later, on Saturday February 14, Lloyd K. a city Taskforce Official visited Black Market Goods in his private vehicle, in plain clothes (with a badge on his belt covered by his un-tucked shirt) and accused us of hosting a rave, and then he questioned a BMG member about the activities of the night before. The BMG member that was questioned had not been present throughout the entirety of the event so that member gave Lloyd another BMG members' phone number. Lloyd then left a voicemail at that number. So the BMG member immediately contacted Lloyd K. leaving him voicemail saying "We don't know about any raves, we hosted a private party last night for fetish club but everything was legal." We left him two voicemails on Saturday February 14th and have yet to hear back from him. Yesterday I was contacted by Simon McCormack, of the Weekly Alibi he is doing a story on the event and the troubles the promoters have been having with the city.

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Comment by Michael P. "Martini Mike" D'Arco on February 18, 2009 at 12:27pm
Sounds like a typical "my life is miserable so I will take it out on you" approach from a city employee... possibly instigated by neighbors. Oh, if only people could do their jobs. Accurate information before accusations and threats would be nice sometimes huh? Oh- say hi to Larry.
Comment by Black Market Goods on February 18, 2009 at 12:38pm
**UPDATE** So we got a call back today from Lloyd K. he said he confused us with the people promoting the event and that voicemail wasn't for us. Then he complimented Black Market Goods on being a positive outlet for artists and he said he was glad to see that we aren't doing anything over the top.


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