Here we are squawking in front of Chick-Fil-A



I admit, it made me a little sad --no, a lot sad-- to see how many people were at the Chick-Fil-A to support their right to eat fattening food** and give their money to a corporation who's president supports groups that fight to maintain a status quo that I find abhorrent. 


I'm not gay (not that there' anything wrong with that), but I have several near and dear friends who are.  Only one is two are officially married (to each other) in the eyes of the State of California (though of course DOMA keeps the federal government from recognizing that family union--for now).  I consider all my friends (gay and straight) to be excellent members of society, good, talented people who work hard, and who contribute something to their communities and I think we should all have the same rights.  Besides, I've always said, unless you want to sleep with someone what difference does it make if he or she is gay or straight?  


I know my standing in front of the Chick-Fil-A store on Montgomery didn't make anyone who was driving up for their 895+ calories change their mind about gay marriage.  But still, I felt compelled to go, to make a small statement, a show of support, to say I don't appreciate Chick-Fil-A's stance on gay marriage and I don't like how they spend their profits.  Yes, it is their right to do what they want with their money, but it is my right to say I don't like it.


And next time I'm in the mood for a chicken sandwich, I'll be heading over to Roma Bakery and Deli, who handed out free chicken sandwiches to folks protesting the Appreciation Day...  I arrived too late for a free sandwich, but I heard they were good.


Here's more pictures:

**according to CFA's website, and handy Meal Calculator, a Classic Chicken sandwich (I selected light may and ketchup), a small order of those famous waffle potato fries, and a small sweet tea totals 895 calories, which if I remember from high school health class is A SH**T TON of calories for one meal, and then there is the 36g of fat, 7 of which is saturated, the 1920mg of sodium...   calculate your own meal and you'll see.



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Comment by Rich Boucher on August 2, 2012 at 10:58am

Good post. I cannot even imagine how we (Americans) look to Europe over this. It's so sad. 

Comment by The Bindi Queen on August 2, 2012 at 11:27am

I was also horrified and saddened at the number of people who were willing to wait in insane lines to show their support of hate. My only consolation is that the food they ate was not healthy, at all. So they show us how hate poisons mind, body and soul.

Comment by Mr. Potato Head on August 2, 2012 at 12:38pm


Imagine explaining to our grandchildren how gay people couldn't get married back then and what Chicken Sandwiches had to do with it.

There must be a cure for hate....

Comment by Barelas Babe on August 2, 2012 at 12:54pm

Thanks so much for posting this, JeSais! I was in the dark about the whole brouhaha until yesterday, when it started showing up on that other social networking site. I also didn't know we had a Chick-Fil-A store outside of the UNM Student Union (and I don't even know if the UNM store is still there).

I'm a bit puzzled as to why this is (of all things) such a big deal, given all of the worries I have about the state of the world. I mean, I have dear friends and family members who are GLBTQ, and of course I support marriage equality (to the extent I support marriage, but that is another subject matter -- I'm not altogether certain what I think about marriage and am reading voraciously this summer to try to figure that out, starting with Elizabeth Brake's book "Minimizing Marriage"). It just seems to me that there are bigger fish to fry (ha) in our own community when it comes to spending one's time making a difference. As much as I support GLBTQ equality, there are other ways I do this -- by donating to the Task Force, by sitting on boards that make this an active part of the agenda, by participating in local PFLAG events. This is not to say that showing support by showing up to protest yesterday isn't important, but not everyone has the time flexibility to make this happen or prioritizes it in the same ways.

Partly in response to my friends who have bemoaned the small numbers of anti-C-F-A protesters, I can't help but wonder: what is the overlap between supporters of marriage equality and C-F-A consumers? I'm not sure I know anyone in my circle of friends who frequents C-F-A (pre-protest) as we tend to be CSA, local, organic, animal welfare folks. (Yup, that's my demographic). Since we don't frequent the place, a boycott is pretty meaningless and certainly has no impact on the C-F-A bottom line.

I think people have the right to put their money behind their beliefs. I fear living in a society where intimidation makes this less common -- the New York Times has an interesting piece about city governments (per elected officials) opting against permitting C-F-A to set up shop in their towns. This makes me very uncomfortable. Protesting a business is one thing; prohibiting it because of the political beliefs of upper management is something else entirely. 

Comment by RunLikeADog on August 2, 2012 at 1:28pm

The sodium is more scary than the calories. Your average 160lb person burns 1600 calories a day through resting metabolism. I'm pretty sure the average lunch at Flying Star is pretty darn close.

I do not agree with the stance of C-F-A. However I feel it is irresponsible to be tossing around the word "hate" as liberally as is done these days. This is free speech. Not hate.

Comment by JeSais on August 2, 2012 at 3:03pm

@BB   I admit part of why I went was out of curiosity. Besides, I'm working these days as a freelance writer so my schedule is flexible :-)  I've only eaten at CFA once when a coworker insisted on going.  It's just a fried chicken sandwich, I thought. I was not impressed, but then again I rarely frequent fast food of any kind, and am more likely to make my own meal (with the requisite locally sourced, organic tho not always "healthy" when possible type of food).

@ RLD :  yes, the sodium is appalling too

Comment by Stephanie Kindred on August 2, 2012 at 3:41pm
I don't usually eat there but now I won't because it has become a symbol of political protest and that whole scene really turns me off. I liked it better when it was just a restaurant.
Comment by hettie on August 2, 2012 at 3:59pm

Yeah, there's nothing worse than people getting involved in politics or expressing their political opinions in public. /sarcasm/

Comment by Noel Savage on August 2, 2012 at 4:45pm

It's a sad commentary on this country that business owners think it's o.k. to mix personal philosophy &/or religion with business.  We tried Chick-Fil-A when they first opened, thinking it was a "healthy fast-food" alternative.  Ha.  Highest sodium in any food we've tasted in ages.

The owners of Jason's "deli" (ha ... ha-ha) are also bizarre, and openly religious. 

Comment by DCMc on August 2, 2012 at 8:26pm

It's a good thing we now have Obamacare, because with the number of pasty, puffy people standing in those long lines to get their salty, breaded, deep fried chicken sammies we're going to need it.


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