How to Wear Flip Flops This Summer

Before I get to my "fashion" statement, I want to reiterate something a friend said to me. In the middle of the existential angst of moving or perhaps my temporary economic crunch or some other generalized whining, I called a friend and said, "Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-List-of-Woes, what am I going to do?" Without hesitating, he said, "When in doubt, see a play."

I couldn't argue with that. When I thought of the theater productions I'd seen lately (That One Forbidden Thing during Words Afire, Quality: the Shoe Play, Waste Her, Closer, and Trainwrecked), I couldn't even remember what I'd been whining about.

I did remember my Free Will Astrology horoscope from the week prior which read: "When people are truly dehydrated, the impulse that tells them they're thirsty shuts down. That's why they may not know they're suffering from a lack of water. In a metaphorically similar way, Pisces, you have been deprived..."

Now I haven't exactly been deprived of art, since my life tends to revolve around poetry, music, visual arts, but living an hour away from ABQ meant I was gasoline-n-time challenged to get to things, and I'd go months sans theater or concerts. What's happened, within two weeks of moving into town, is that my creative intake has tripled. An AMP concert at the library (which I walked to), Church of Beethoven Sunday mornings, the Handsome Family, my usual poetry consumption plus two plays... and by this, I am metaphorically amending a deep thirst.

And getting nourished.And the "nourishment" doesn't end with the art-intake but extends also to good conversations about the art with friends.One of the most interesting things about going to see a play is the aftermath of thought and conversation and dialogue that gets sparked: "What'd you think?"

Thinking is a beautiful thing. Rather than talk about the weather or the latest episode of prime-time, I get to indulge in various forms of contemplation of what people in this community are up to and why and all the glorious levels of response and free association that come with opening your mind to the arts. I want nothing if not to to have my synapses sparked to make good connections... Thinking is even more fun when you rub elbows with someone else's very different thinking (a luxury I've been enjoying) or when you can use blogging for DCF as a truly viable and good excuse for a little interview and behind-the-scenes scoop, an indulgence I enjoyed twice today.

First I talked to Barbara Geary who played Anna in the Ryban Productions version of Closer and then to Stefanie Willis of Omnirootz who is directing the still-showing Trainwrecked. (I'm going to post short portions of those interviews in separate blogposts as soon as I get back from moving the final boxes from Moriarty... )

Here is where the flip-flops come in. A good friend and I caught both shows and our opinions of the shows were truly polar opposite, just as the shows themselves were kind of on opposing poles. The one that I adored, Trainwrecked, didn't work particularly well for him. The one that disturbed me, Closer, he thought phenomenal (though disturbing). That flip-flopping made for fun conversations and pushed me to think a little harder about why, for example, I was disturbed and what uncomfortable art means, and why I was adoring and how to explore that meaning. I'm now of the mind that you should always see theater with friends who are liable to disagree with you. Really, you should just see theater, no matter your preferred footwear.

Photo for Trainwrecked by Minie Gonzalez

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Comment by Juan on May 30, 2010 at 1:50pm
I went and saw Trainwrecked on Friday evening and thought it was fantastic! Great post too.


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