I was driving home from my daughter's house on Wednesday night and at Fourth and Menaul I stopped at a red light and over heard the people talking in the van next to me. "Do you take your cell phone with you when you use the bathroom?" one person said. The other answered, " I used to," she said. "You know it will always ring while you're in there if you don't." I really chuckled to myself. I have been know to take the phone with me into the bathroom, but this made me think...what could be so important that you can't call back? Are a few minutes really going to make a difference? This is crazy. If I leave the house and forget my phone, I go back, even if it will make me late. My God! I could get a flat or something and then what would I DO? Probably the same thing I did twenty years ago. Fix it.

We are all so into instant gratification now. It impacts our lives in so many ways. Another observation of IG that I see as particularly dangerous is when you do research on the internet. It is so hard to find real information. I blog, and I love everything about blogs - writing and reading. I am so happy to see when one of my posts comes up in a search on Google. But when I am searching out medical information or something truthful and not slanted a far as politics or statistics, I have to search through tons of blogs, some of them chock full of horrible information that I know to be false.

It scares me. Everyone wants that instant answer. I know there are a lot of people out there reading this bogus stuff as fact. They find it fast on the internet. Instant gratification. It was on the internet so it must be true. The bogus medical info out there is so intermixed with the good stuff it is easy to get confused, unless you are really diligent and toss out the notion if finding something fast. How many people do that? Every time I do a serious search for something I find more and more blogs coming up in the organic listings. I'm not sure this is a good thing or not, as there are a good number of very informative, useful blogging going on out there too. And then there are the quacks and political airheads blog clogging up the experience.

What is that saying about believing what you see/hear/read...how does that go?

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Comment by Pat O. on August 28, 2009 at 9:42pm
If you look up the word "Immunization" on the Web, you'll find all sorts of sites implying that immunization will kill you or your children. Look some more and you will find more sites saying that not immunizing your family is more likely to kill them.

Pick any other controversial subject and you'll find sites on both sides of that subject that contend the other side's views will send you to hell, expose you to terrible diseases, or will put the Antichrist (or God) in office. And they're all right-- just ask them.

What to do? Read this stuff on the Web with a skeptical point of view--all of it. Especially the stuff you think is right from the start.
Comment by Sarahjmd on August 29, 2009 at 12:03pm
I know it! Crazy isn't it? I am discerning...but how many out there aren't?


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