Last Chance For Prythero's Roadside Souvenirs

NOB HILL--Tim Prythero's show "Roadside Souvenirs" at Exhibit/208 is almost gone. Last chance is next Saturday from 10a.m. to 4p.m. If you are at all fuzzy about what Prythero's work looks like, then you have never seen it, for it is unforgettable.

He does still life constructions of what is in your messy neighbor's yard. Or what is being stored in some vacant lot of your childhood--dust covered, scattered, and abandoned. It is a lot like childhood itself...if it weren't so replete with questions as to why thinking adults would spend so much time trying to figure it all out.

In an age when art likes to suggest detail with a brush stroke, Prythero leaves nothing unsaid. Any suggestions about the meaning of life come from examining the details themselves. It is a little like being a detective. But just think about how unusual that is in the realm of still life realism.

How many times would a reviewer spend a paragraph talking about spots on a banana. Yet listen to ABQ Journal art critic Wesley Pulkka describe just a part of Prythero's "Sedan and Shasta" construction: "The well-worn and sun-faded paint and the missing front hubcap indicate the rig's fall from a life of leisure summer vacation grace to the rather shabby current home of the driver. The misaligned driver's door and the generous use of seam sealant on the trailer's roof underline the down trodden nature of the scene. " It is the details that draw you in.

It is a great review. It really gives the reader the feelings that go through the viewer's mind examining the pieces. I wrote a review of his show "Used Cars" two years ago. In it I looked at Prythero's pieces from the standpoint of being caught in a moment of time. And while this is true, I largely missed what is perhaps the bigger point: Tim Prythero's work actually makes one look at life differently.

There is plenty to play with...plenty to smile at...plenty here to nudge your partner and say, "Look at that...the screen is broken out next to the handle." Yet in all the minutiae there is the wonderful awareness that truth itself is enough. That nothing is perfect. That we all will abandon what needs to be abandoned. And finally that we better clean out our own backyard before Tim Prythero finds out about it.

Roadside Souvenirs @ Exhibit/208
208 Dartmouth NE
Saturday 10-4

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Comment by Sun Dog on November 27, 2008 at 8:20am
Prythero is a genius at noticing the little details. It is almost like "Honey I shrunk the trailer" only better. We bought one of his early pieces way back...maybe around 1980. It is always a marvel to look at. It is an old adobe garden wall with a faded wooden gate and walkway with foot-worn bricks. It is only the size of a CrackerJack box. It always reminds me of New Mexico.
Comment by Johnny_Mango on November 27, 2008 at 12:23pm
Sun Dog,
You look like a genius for buying him early.

That Roswell museum is a treasure! Really wonderful. I've seen his work there too.

You do know your miniatures! But trailers...not so much. :) That's no Airstream.


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