Martini Mike's Albuquerque the Magazine BOC Party 2008 Report

Oh so tiiired. But, I'm gonna peck this here report out before I lay me down to sleep. As opposed to Mick Jagger's famous words... I got plenty of satisfaction tonight. If I overheard Santa Ana (pronouced Santana) Casino employees right, that was the biggest party in New Mexico. "Albuquerque the Magazine's Best of the City Party 2008". Congratulations ATM, Lexi and staff! Seriously, that party rocked the hizouse.

I really wish I had dragged my appendage out... er camera. There was music, go-go girls, cheerleaders, all sorts of cocktails from the best bars in town, and more than enough food to soak it all up. That blue and white wristband above is all you needed to access a king's ransom in great libations. For a mere $40 in advance it was totally worth it. I don't even know where to begin. Buy the magazine. Visit the best of our city.

I met at least one "certified" genuine mixologist by the name of Michael Trujillo of Southern Wine and Spirits of New Mexico. I was unprepared to take drink recipe notes this night but he had one of many great concoctions to sample. There were two ice "luges" that various bars would pour the drinks down into your cup. Q Bar. Burt's Tiki Bar. Whatever they were, they tasted great. Lotus had Absinthe and also a Green Tea/Vodka/Etc. drink. Nob Hill Bar and Grill had Shrimp Borrachos! What? I don't know but there was a delicious shrimp in it! Gardunos had margaritas. There was free wine from Marcello's to put into your free glass as well.

Onto the food. Stuffed. Need sleep. Heeeelp me. Spring Rolls, Taquitos, Cheese, Quesadillas... and that was just in the lobby! Tuna Nachos from Nob Hill Bar and Grill were visited repeatedly by my crew. Sam Etheridge- you're the man. Desserts from Flying Star hit the sweet spot. Green Chili Cheese Muffins from "Just Muffin Around Bakery" were to die for. Sandwiches from The Grove made me drool. Sunflower Market, Fuddrucker's, Juan's Broken Taco, and many more.

I'm sure I missed a few bars and restaurants because it was just wall to wall good stuff. Imbibe had cigars for sale. Mariposa Gallery was there. Manning Florist has some nice flower arrangements on display. The event sprawled across several rooms, one of which was a huge pavilion. I had never been to one of these before and didn't know what to expect. I saw lots of friends and familiar faces from my travels around Albuquerque. I enjoyed it all from the entertainment, food, and drinks to the coupons galore. We roll home with our booty and smiles on our faces.

You really don't want to miss this next year. I am officially hooked for life. Martini Mike gives this a big thumbs up... and I know parties! I love this magazine, I love this party, "I love this place".

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Comment by Adelita on December 4, 2008 at 6:34am
Mike Trujillo is da bomb!! He's the best around. Sounds like a fun night.


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