Megan Baldrige: A New Mexican Considers Borders

Megan sent me her polished piece, quite original with three stanzas. I hope you enjoy; there are likely to be a few more published here (from various poets) in the near future. Albuquerque poets? Send me your ghazals, your tired villanelles . . . ”Give me . . .your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free/ The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. . .” The quote is from Emma Lazarus, November 2. 1883. Her entire poem is on a brass plaque inside the Statue of Liberty.  Using that as a prompt, or Megan’s ghazal, please send some ghazals or whatever foreign form (pantoums, heroic couplets, etc.) this way. Immigration issues are welcome.

A New Mexican Considers Borders  

 by Megan Baldrige

In New Mexico today, no rain; 

the clouds stuck on the Colorado side of the border. 

Dusty, dry Raton, spring-green rain in Alamosa:

What ruckus keeps monsoons at the border?


Colorado, share scarce rain, seed us thunder, lightning; 

Rain gods, we need buckets and buckets to flow across our border.  


Our blue state is a dust bowl: sand, not rain, pours from our skies.

1920’s? Weather amok, sowing shriveled seeds of disorder. 



Trump wants to stop immigration, hoard dreams, be stingy, 

keeping those bucks on our side of our border. 


Loose talk by Trump about walls brings out hucksters,

muckety-mucking for money in Tijuana, at the border.


A Honduran kid riding trains needs a backpack no one can steal. 

Guardian angels, give him luck, rosary, pesos, to cross the border. 


He, running from drug wars, his mother, already escaped:

Why not let a TEN-YEAR old safely cross into order?



We met in bliss, on common ground, dismissed differences. 

Sunstruck, awestruck, until crazystruck, at insurmountable borders. 


I loved that man of shifting boundaries:
Lovestruck, I floundered at our borders. 


Fleeing, our words unentangled and shriveled on the vine.

Yet, I (Megan) was thankful for boundaries, borders, once-again order. 


 For more bio on Megan, see her previous posts.

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