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Comment by Adelita on March 16, 2011 at 7:00am
AND the Lobos won the first round of the NIT last night against UTEP, 69 - 57!!!
Comment by once banned twice shy on March 16, 2011 at 9:06am

That's right.  The Lead and Coal construction is making people drive like asshats and go through stop signs.  ALL OVER THE CITY!!!


Comment by Hunter on March 16, 2011 at 9:07am
Local police increase enforcement of stop sign violations by autos.  State legislature legalizes running stop signs for cyclists.
Comment by Kelly on March 16, 2011 at 9:14am
I live 3 blocks from the Garfield/Girard intersection. The construction on Lead/Coal did not make that idiot run a stop sign. There was plenty of idiocy at that intersection already.
Comment by Gonzalo Fuentes on March 16, 2011 at 9:30am

>>State legislature legalizes running stop signs for cyclists.


Wow. Your tax dollars hard at work. *sigh*

Comment by Bluegoo on March 16, 2011 at 9:51am
When you drive or ride a bicycle any crossroads you can not see down you need to stop and look. Stop signs remind you of this.
Comment by shotsie on March 16, 2011 at 12:45pm

From WashCycle:


The New Mexico House passed the Idaho Stop. Now the bill goes to the Senate.

Bicyclists could roll through a stop sign after slowing and yielding the right of way under legislation that has passed the House.  (Just like big four wheel drive trucks do - there's a lot of momentum involved, I can see everything, c'mon...)

The bill also will change New Mexico's traffic laws to allow bicyclists to go through a stop light after initially stopping and making sure it's safe to proceed through an intersection.  (Watch out for those speeding drivers, bike-dudes...)

Supporters say the changes reflect what many experienced cyclists currently do, and may help prevent accidents in which a bicyclist is rear-ended at a stop sign or traffic light.  (Errr, isn't this the anti-redlight camera argument?  Aren't the drivers in back of a vehicle supposed to stop anyway?)

Opponents contend that bicyclists shouldn't be treated differently from other motorists and they said the proposed change could create confusion among drivers.  (Especially at those 4-way intersections where there's a tie between cyclists and 4 wheel drive trucks... like it or not ,the truck always wins and blasts through....) 


It's a decent law, It's hard to stop and start on a bike, but cyclists (including me) still need to bike defensively.   And I live at a four-way stop, and watch lots of trucks (mainly big 4-wheel drive) go blasting through....

  PS - it doesn't cost the State any tax money to enforce (or rather not) enforce this law. 

Comment by Benny the Icepick on March 16, 2011 at 1:12pm

I'm in the minority as a cyclist who's not too keen on the Idaho law.  It runs counter to the cyclist mantras of "Same road, same rights, same rules" and "A bicyclist is safest when they act as, and are treated as, any other road user."

I'm of the opinion that NM drivers hardly know the laws that govern their behavior, and that asking them to learn a whole new set of behavior (i.e., "special rules for cyclists") is an exercise in futility.  If bikes follow the rules of the road, their behavior becomes predictable.  Blowing a stop sign erodes this predictability.

And of course there's the question about two cyclists arriving at a four-way stop.  I've had enough close calls (especially on Silver) of cyclists blowing stop signs and nearly creaming me; I don't want them to be able to do it legally.  

Comment by Granjero on March 16, 2011 at 1:33pm

I heard that the census says there are 42 percent hispanics or something around that number in new mexico now.  I recall the census deliberatly stating that Hispanic was caucasion for the purpose of this census... so how does anyone know how many hispanics live in New Mexico?


Just curious.  I haven't actually looked it up myself or anything...

Comment by Hermes_505 on March 16, 2011 at 1:35pm
Well said Benny, ditto. Bike to work few days a week; scary enough in University area as is let alone taking the cap off the basic rules of the road for cyclists after years and years of trying to educate drivers otherwise (big 4-wheel ones included shotsie). Remove that alignment of road rules/protocol, and yikes- how would an issue get settled g** forbid an accident took place and only can rely on the drivers word versus the cyclist? Would drivers automatically be at fault now even if a bike caused an accident since road rules are left up to personal interpretation of said cyclist? 


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