• Pat Davis makes it official.  Dunno. Kind of would like it if he'd stick around to try to make Albuquerque better.
  • "Indigenous Hip-Hop" would make a great band name.
  • *Sigh*  If only as many parents would get as overwrought when arts are cut from the schools.  
  • Not only do they pay and tip with fake money, but they have the gall to come in right at closing and keep the wait staff running back and forth.  For shame!
  • And Martin Heinrich has a challenger.  
  • This is news? Who knew?   Next time I get my neighbor's mail, I'm calling Larry Barker!
  • Oh, Mrs. Cravey.  You seem to be confused.  I also don't buy your excuse that you made them "years ago" and didn't mean to offend anyone.  

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Comment by AbqRikk on April 21, 2017 at 1:22pm

Does anyone else think that Mick Rich looks like Voldemort?


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