• Pay for play.  Discuss.
  • Shortage of special ed teachers at APS.  
  • Get out your fly swatters!
  • Rio Rancho upholds UNM tax.
  • Politics as usual in Burque. 
  • I didn't know there were other options in the North Valley for sushi, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this place is good. 
  • Congratulations to Rebel Donut for winning the Donut Showdown on the Canadian Food Channel! If you are on Facebook, you can see their winning creations here!

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Comment by shotsie on August 22, 2013 at 12:31pm

The NCAA should collect a "tax" on players that are drafted, and give this to the schools so they can give a weekly stipend to the "student-athlete" on a need basis.  (Sort of like the Oregon pay it forward education plan, except it's athletics..)  Something like $40/week (to all scholarship athletes) would pay for some movies or a cheap date somewhere. 

About the special ed teachers (and math and language) - schools need to pay teachers more for specialty skills.  My wife, who is a TA in kindergarten, is stuck  dealing with a girl with Down's Syndrome, and she might have to join the union to get protection if something happens to this girl.  This would be a significant chunk of her income.  She spends most of her time running after this girl, who just takes off or gets very stubborn about doing classroom projects.  And she's seven - the parents must buy into that Lifetime movie experience about DS kids becoming productive citizens after mainstreaming them.  I don't see charter schools forming to educate these kids. 

Comment by once banned twice shy on August 22, 2013 at 4:32pm

Wow, shotsie.  Way to a)get the name of the syndrome wrong (it's DOWN syndrome, not DOWN'S) and b)completely get the prognosis of children with Down Syndrome completely wrong.  People with Down syndrome are typically higher functioning than those with other developmental disabilities.  There can be variations in the functioning levels between each Down syndrome child, but generally they can learn and can be directed.  It is possible the little girl your wife has to deal with has other behavioral issues or maybe her parents are reluctant to control her because of her disability.  But I am really horrified by your implied urge to sideline children with developmental disabilities.  That is such backward thinking.  Sure, there are DD children who simply don't belong in an organized classroom, but not all of them are hopeless. 

However I completely agree that Special Education teachers and TAs should be paid more for what is being asked of them.  But then, ALL teachers should be paid more.  Don't get me started...

Comment by Izquierdo on August 28, 2013 at 9:25pm

Converse: superior to Nike in every way, and workers are paid for their labors I believe. Goof info on Down's Syndrome, Shotsie. Thanks. 


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