Morning Fix: Till Your Well Runs Dry

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Comment by Izquierdo on April 8, 2013 at 8:44am

Most faculty and staff definitely deserve their 1% pay raise and more. But there should be more creative ways than putting the burden on students. A university that is the among the biggest businesses in the state should be able to figure out how to turn a profit in a way that would benefit all three parties. Fifties and sixties president Tom :Popejoy was able to accomplish this by buying and selling land, making good decisions like building a $1.5 million basketball arena, not the ill-received and ill-conceived $60 million behemoth that now stands in its place amid questionable financial dealings. Sports and other businesses on campus bring in great sums of money but the money seems to go to a privileged few at the top of the employee food chain. The price of a public college education in America should be close to free. When I was at UNM the tuition was $85 to $150 per semester over my time there, but I could make $300 over the summer and survive easily. Today the tuition is beyond the reach of poor and middle class New Mexicans. And student loans are a racket, setting the stage for a life of poverty for those who somehow don't make the grade. UNM and New Mexico should figure out ways to make it better for faculty, staff AND students. Maybe the business school could be of help. There must be many places to cut expenses without hurting anyone. Universities exist to help solve these kind of problems. Everybody could chip in on the effort including the Daily Lobo newspaper, which surely has potential Pulitizer Prize winning reporters who could get an early start by getting more deeply involved in administrative affairs, especially since there is a century of evidence that local media only examines UNM issues after they explode. 


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