My Brightest Diamond with Clare & the Reasons - WOW!

First - I must thank the awesome Sophie, and Neal Copperman of AMP for giving me tickets to see My Brightest Diamond tonight!! This was a truly mindbending experience - I feel like I have been given a glimpse into an alternate universe. OK, on to the review:

Let me start off by saying I don't get out much - particularly not with my husband - having two kids under the age of 5 can do that to you. Tonight was the first night since my oldest was born that we actually paid for babysitting - we've had friends watch them occasionally - but for the most part either we go out as a family - or one of us goes out into the world - and the other one stays home with the kiddos. Tomorrow is our anniversary so going to the show together was an instant priority!

Clare & the Reasons took the stage first tonight - they consisted of Clare - lead singer/guitarist, Olivier - keyboards/violin/kazoo/saw/guitar, and ??(I can't remember her name!) - cello/vocals/lighting props. They were such an amazing mix of classical and pop and folk and just plain old fun! So light and whimsical - but with those classical bones underneath that just made everything vibrate!! Loved them - couldn't even imagine how My Brightest Diamond could top them!

Then My Brightest Diamond took the stage - Olivier and ??? retook their positions and Shara Worden stepped up to take over vocals - and take over she did! This woman is fierce! And soft and romantic! And hilarious! And dreamy! And an amazing singer!! Love, love, love!! Their music is described as "elegant chamber pop" - wrap your head around that and throw in some Nina Simone, a dash of Jane Siberry, and a pinch of magic (seriously - there were magic tricks involved) and you have My Brightest Diamond. Go to the website and check them out now! Or search for them on youtube!

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Comment by Chris K. on December 1, 2008 at 12:10am
I am still having afterglow. Clare & the Reasons were amazing. And I don't have the words for My Brightest Diamond. When Shara sang it was just like the way I felt when I first read The Little Prince as a child. I am heartbroken and happy at the same time.
Comment by Leighanna Light on December 1, 2008 at 8:42am
Yeah, ditto to all of that, what an amazing night!
I don't get out much either & this show blew my mind! Can't believe that I saw either of these bands at a steakhouse with 50 or so other people in the audience! They should be playing to a sold out crowd.
Thanks Neal for the heads up.


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