'nuther pedacito de la vida (casi) loca: I'm thinkin'...

...I do that. 'Bout nothin' special. Just stuff. Like, is it donuts? Or doughnuts? And why is it what it is? Why is English so confusing? Why can't I remember the rule for accents? Why does Spanish have accents? Did the Arabs do that to us too, after the pricks invented algebra? Occasionally I ponder the imponderable like, why are there Republicans? But that gives me a brain freeze worse than a cheap slushy.

I'm at the house where I used to live, waiting for my son, when my wife comes in asking what I'm doin'. She's working' on a divorce, I don't know how close she is but it's comin'. So I really don't know how to refer to her other than my wife. I don't like that "soon to be ex-wife" crap. Anyway, I answer, thinking'. She glares, turns to leave and on her way out says, "shit." And it got me thinking".

Why is it improper to say "shit" in English in, so called, polite society? But It's okay to say "feces" which is "shit" in Latin. And it's way cool to use the French "merdi."  ¡SHIT!

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Comment by Ben Moffett on May 2, 2012 at 9:07pm

I like your interest in Spanish accents. There are only two rules you need to learn and you are set forever. The rules can be found on line. But the great thing about Spanish is you don't have to learn to spell. The words spell themselves, there are no "i" before "e" except after "c" exceptions to the rule,  and you don't have to learn spelling through 12th grade and can concentrate on arithmetic early in elementary school. I believe Spanish should be our national language given its superiority in this regard..

Comment by Leonard Poareo on May 4, 2012 at 3:57pm

Doogamando! Do you really believe a verdadero son of the south valley would be worried by a buncha right wing wackaroos led by a wayward Tejana? After Arnold and Dukmajian and meester weelson your governor doesn't seem to be any kind of a threat except to some of those among you who like to hide their pistolas in their chones. And don't belittle bad bad jerry brown. Seminary dropout perhaps but the man has some serious juju. He told us he was going to raise taxes and he still got elected. And he did a good job the first time around too. Had all state buildings built during his terms, and since,  built to energy and environmental standards. Tha's why they called him moonbeam, but he did it and we be glad, ese.

Comment by Leonard Poareo on May 4, 2012 at 4:04pm

Thank you Ben. I'll try to remember. But...


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