We have a unique way of talking here in ‘Burque, que no? The phrase “oh sí liar” is often heard in our family. You have to drag out the liar part. It has permeated into some hysterical family conversations. For reals!

A friend of mine signs her DCF comments with "eeeALA." My mom is famous for saying "ese guy." And when she gets excited she says "EEEEEEjo", never quite doing the whole "EEEEEEjola." My daughter grew up calling trucks "trocas" and I grew up hearing my mom talking about the car that was "leak-iando" oil all over the garage. And when my bingo-loving great gramacita would get mad, she would say, "Ay, shite, mierda, caca."

So I have to say - Órale to all you vatos! I want to invite everyone to tell me your favorites and please… how do you spell a la modie?

“Wueno” bye and wáchale , bro.

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Comment by Adelita on November 4, 2007 at 2:47pm
Michelle wrote:
Hah. Shite!

And a la vey! Or a la modies!
10/10/07 10:50:58
Phil wrote:
Ooo, umbers! Ay te watcho!
10/10/07 10:56:17
fitzerman wrote:
This is exactly why I love this city and this state.
10/10/07 10:56:59
the boy wrote:
ditto fitzerman
10/10/07 11:24:46
kristi wrote:
Leak-iando del rufa!
10/10/07 11:45:14
buggs wrote:
My late jefito use to get mad when we use to say "a la ve!" Although he would always curse when he got mad, he would say "que la ching!" Not really competing the phrase, but we could fill the blanks. My sisters still say "siiiiiiii?" when not believing something.

You can get out of the South Valley but you can never get the South Valley out of you. Lol!
10/10/07 11:48:31
roadrunner gal wrote:
gee cocken youfum!
10/10/07 11:54:35
JFoote wrote:
Walcome to Wandies, can'nalp you?

Thats all crazy, huh?

How many eggs in a dozen you ask? Well Twalve of course.

eeee cabron.
10/10/07 12:21:50
JDHE wrote:
10/10/07 12:28:52
Jojola wrote:
Tengo una troca that I bought in Albuquerque cuando I moved here.

A la modies brodies!

I love how there is also a No? After every sentence, no?

Hey bro, it's a nice day, no?
10/10/07 13:28:20
dianne wrote:
10/10/07 13:31:59
Adelita wrote:
My good friend Janet reminded me of "a la maquina." Hey Janet, when do you want to have lonche at Durans? If the weather is nice, don't forget to wear your shortes!
10/10/07 13:33:45
Taos Mesa wrote:
What about "Bueno Bye"?

Is that just a Norteno expression or do you Dukesters also say this?
10/10/07 13:37:40
Michelle wrote:
And definitely WORD on the "Oh SI!" Like, whatever! Yeah right!
10/10/07 14:39:28
jzerm wrote:
How about "dun,du-duh!"?

This seems to be a rarity nowadays.

Not to be confused with Mencia's regurgitated di,di-di...
10/10/07 14:56:49
Def wrote:
Ay dios mio!


Any phrase incorporating "mocos"
10/10/07 15:09:20
Diego wrote:
ah la vaygers" was one we said when we were kids
10/10/07 15:19:25
Pinguino wrote:
lonche a Durans! vaya conmigo! ;o)
10/10/07 15:20:12
jeff wrote:
this thread is cracking me up.
i've never felt so tighty-whitey.

how's the cheech & chong bit go..something about marrying a girl named debby and having a brother-in-law named jeff??
10/10/07 15:31:55
Phil wrote:
What about ey, ey?
10/10/07 15:41:58
Diego wrote:
Cuz i thought of another funny one: cochinini's or cochinanas sp?for doing nasties HAHAHAHA
10/10/07 15:55:38
Adelita wrote:
Yup! That's a good one.

Have you ever heard of going "mimis" for going to sleep?
10/10/07 16:01:59
Grumpy wrote:
"going to make mimis" is a long loved expression.
10/10/07 16:32:30
NMBosque wrote:
Eee jole bro, whaz gon down? Que vato! ...someone trying a bit too hard to be "Barelas."
10/10/07 17:01:33
Lauren wrote:
Mimi was the first 'Spanish' word I learned from my All American East LA born and raised hubby. Mimi time! Even our dog knows that 9 pm is mimi time and when we say "go mimi now, seepy nigh-nigh" she runs to her bed! Something my kids never did.
10/10/07 18:15:01
Adelita wrote:
At Duran's I order a torpedo with red and a Dr. Pepper...only because they don't have RC.
10/10/07 20:38:33
Pinguino wrote:
Adelita, yo sé! vamanos pronto!
Pinguino (aka pbgrebe)
10/10/07 22:18:08
FatJoe wrote:
When I grew up north of the city, if you did something bad and someone saw you (especially little girls for some reason), it would be "umbeeeerrrrrs, you're gonna get in trooooublllle!!!" Done right, that "umbers" would absolutely freeze your little 5-year-old spinal fluid.
10/10/07 22:45:37
Phil wrote:
FatJoe - yeah, I mentioned umbers up at the top. That's a weird word...from what I can figure New Mexicans are the only ones that say it. Growing up I thought everybody did.
10/11/07 09:47:45
larry wrote:
"some on a beach"
10/11/07 10:02:28
Rico Martinez wrote:
New Mexicans don't fill their cars with gas. Instead, they "put gas."

"We were putting gas when we saw Michelle."

They also "get down" from the car.

"Are you getting down, or do you want me to leave the car on?"

And a lot of them will beat the shit out of you if you look at them the wrong way.
10/11/07 10:07:51
eeeALA wrote:
"eeee, I know, huh?!" one of my favorite "sounds" was always "oooeee!!" I always say it! "ooee! whats that?!?!"

Love ya, Adelita!
10/11/07 10:18:10
Dan wrote:
My favorite burquisms are "yeah-no" which means "no" and "no-yeah" which means "yes".

Usually followed with "bro."

"Do you want to meet for a beer homie?"

"Yeah-no bro, the wife wont let me."
10/11/07 10:38:47
Fanta Se Chica Now Living In Bourque wrote:
EeeeALA, those aren't just 'Burque-isms, they're from Fanta Se, too! :-)

I was born and raised in the City Different and grew up surrounded by "umbers", "a la vey", "a la vergas", "eeee!", "eeeeee cabron", "ejole", "odelay", "odelay vato", "bro", "que no", "oh si", "yallow (for yellow)", "twalve (for twelve)", "balt (for belt)", "essss-eh", "don't be so pinche", "pinche way"...the list goes on.

Speaking of NewMexic-isms, before I'd even read this thread, I renamed the icon on my desktop for the shortcut to my email, "EeeeeeeMail".
10/11/07 11:25:07
Ko wrote:
My stepdad says "Que cute!" all the time.
10/11/07 12:25:41
Juan L wrote:
We use to say in our part of town
'Yi viene la placa' Here comes the cops.
10/11/07 13:46:17
eeeALA wrote:
Oye, Fanta Se Chica,

I too was born and raised en la ciudad diferente!! :)

oooeeee, I'm all wearing an big ol' ugly "yallow" shirt today!
10/11/07 14:15:04
Phil wrote:
Juan L - I haven't heard la placa...it was always the 5-oh or the jura when I was in high school.
10/11/07 14:53:45
Juan l wrote:
Phil you must be in the wrong part of town. Have you heard the phase 'trucha con tu caurcha'?
10/11/07 15:33:20
Fanta Se Chica wrote:
Que Viva Santa Fe!

eeeALA, your yallow shirt, it's not so ugly, it's que cute! :-)
10/11/07 16:57:27
Adelita wrote:
Eeeee, I think the yallow shirt is escary. Do you wear it saven days a week, mija?
10/11/07 17:02:40
Fanta Se Chica wrote:
A la vey, Adelita, if she wore it saven days like that, it would be all smally, que no? ::giggle::
10/11/07 21:29:29
dana wrote:
lol in Santa Fe for years we didn't say hoto we said peefee
10/12/07 05:36:12
ajax wrote:
And all I heard growing up in Europe was Trini Lopez-songs.
Not fair!

Now I am going to read this whole thread to my 80 year old neighbor Juanita. Wish me luck with the pronounciation...
10/12/07 08:23:09
eeeALA wrote:

growing up in santa fe i thought that peefee was one of those stupid phrases only my family said!! haha! we should bring peefee back!!
10/12/07 13:55:52
Diego wrote:
speaking of oooeee have you heard of "oooeee cucuie" for something scary LOL
10/12/07 16:13:12
valerie wrote:
eee theese are fonny, no! growing up in santa cruz (espana, NM that is) we'd also say when you're feeding your baby let's eat papas, no matter what the food. And saying mmmm in a sing songy voice when responding to someone in conversation. Or mmhhhu when asked a question, meaning yes and mmm mmm meaning no. Now my daughters do that...
ala modies!
10/12/07 18:53:43
scott wrote:
Is "Ranfla" part of the local vocabulary for an old car (Rambler)? It was for a while in Washington state.
10/15/07 12:59:21
nick parnell wrote:
be a badster not a sadster

gimme a bite of your sangwich.

eeeeee yer all sad.
10/23/07 16:28:36
Comment by cc on February 7, 2012 at 8:59pm

Hi, so glad this is still here, Lita!

Comment by Adelita on May 3, 2012 at 5:59pm

I posted on FB that before Lynette, there was Adelita! ;)  I actually loved those videos.  She was spot on.  As for umbers, I remember saying it and don't have a clue what it means other than it's maybe a slang way of saying "Um."

Comment by Ron Da Bomb on May 3, 2012 at 8:12pm

We used to use ombers when someone was in trouble. Almost like "busted!".  "Oommmbers, I'm gonna tell mama on you!"

Comment by Phil_0 on May 3, 2012 at 8:17pm

yeah - "you're busted!" I was in my mid-20s before I realized the northern Rio Grande Valley was the only place people said this.


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