Put These Words/Phrases on the FCC List

I have some pet peeves w/certain words/phrases that are over-done. I'd love to see these banned:

"At this point in time" - what about 'now'?

"Yummy" - should be banned by anyone over kindergarten age particularly by Food Reviewers!

"Bucks" or "Grand" - instead of Dollars as used by TV anchors

Anyone else?

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Comment by Arsenlael on July 30, 2010 at 10:57pm

I can't stand business names (or much of anything else) when a "s" is replaced by a "z" (or two!) like "Starzz" or "Sneakerz". Also, I hate the use of the word "Christmas" to mean a dose of red and green chile. Lastly an expectant couple shouldn't say "we're pregnant"...unless both partners happen to be pregnant, or course!


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