Read Seinfeld Producer and UNM Grad Tom Cherones' New Hardly Boys Book

Some University of New Mexico old-timers from the hippie era, especially those who hung out in the communication department (before speech comm merged with journalism) might remember Tom Cherones, who went on to become an Emmy Award winner as the producer of the Seinfeld TV Series. I think thats akin to an athlete becoming an all-America or a journalist winning a Pullet's Surprise.

Anyway, Tom has written his first novel, just out, called "The Hardly Boys: The Mystery of the Golden Goblet," a spoof of the old Hardy Boys Classics which codgers will remember. Notice the 50's title was HARDY and Tom's new book is HARDLY (an extra L in there), because the boys Cherones created are hardly boys, but up in their 70s, while their minds are still back in the 1950s (a little culture shock here).They were held in "cryogeriatric" captivity for quite a while by bad guys -- the purpose being to allow Cherones to play himself in the 2012 spoof. 

To me it a great book for kids AND old Hardy boy fans who are yearning for a little reverse time warp of their own. You can find Tom Cherones on Wiki and many other sources. "Thom Cherones Seinfeld" will get you to many sources.

Tom and I attended classes together at UNM -- I met him in journalism class in the era of professors Rafferty and Jermain, and he led me to the speech comm department, which had an agreement with KNME-TV when George Fischbeck was doing a science show, watched by adults and kids. As part of one class I was able to be a "floor director" on the show a time or two and ultimately did post grad work in speech comm and radio/TV when TV was still using 16mm film and reel to reel videotape.

Amazon has a complete description of the book. You might want to read it now. I think it could become a movie. And thanks, Tom for the cryogeriatric ride into the past, or future? 

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