*Martini Mike circa 1980? (I can't believe I'm sharing this picture!)

Each day on the way to my day job I pass a La Quinta where I once lived. I thank God for the brain capacity to have continually upgraded my living situation and lot in life. I speed towards my technical career at a Fortune 500 company. I think, “Gosh I’m smart”. (OK, I don’t really do that… but play along) I prepare myself mentally to deal with not so smart people throughout the day and night. I really have a low tolerance for idiots. Then I went to “Geeks Who Drink”!

One slice of Humble Pie please. (Great band fyi) Geeks Who Drink is an event that takes place at bars around the country. It combines the best of “trivia” and socializing in public. The drinking has nothing to do with the game or rewards. The thing is, as I learned from this particular answer, is it’s not just useless trivia! And maybe how much knowledge you absorbed in life, through school or other, means nothing when you enter this Vortex. If I recall it was “Sesquipedalophobia” … fear of long words! I was unable to verify this in a dictionary so maybe we heard it wrong. Hey, we’re just here for fun right?

Some of my friends, and occasionally even my spouse, attend this Geekfest. Last night we attended at Uptown Sports Bar. I have never attended as I don’t need no steenking game interrupting my drinking! But, well, since Kent the Quiz Master recently recruited me to be a Special Guest Quiz Master I thought I better get my arse over to one of these and see what all the hoopla is about! It was a Wednesday night and surprisingly busy. A. I like Kent... we had matching spiked belts! B. It was fun. I may be hooked. Damn him.

I don’t play or necessarily even like board games. Heck, I don’t necessarily even like team sports or competitions! Well, this is just sitting around with your friends, more like a gang, trying to beat some other friends while drinking. Maybe it’s the drinking part that got me. Ha Ha. Teams can be no larger than 6 people at a table. There can be up to I don’t know how many teams… I heard mention of 12 possibly. 8 rounds. 8 questions each. Two hours long. I think there are prizes too. Anyway, one is a “visual round”… handouts. At least one is an “audio round”. Last night this included song lyrics performed by a robot. Not as easy as it sounds! Song title AND artist. When am I going to remember that “True” is SPANDAU BALLET not ABC?! And what true geek would know they were moving some football game from Honolulu to Miami next year? Oh well. We hung in there at second place for most of the time I think. We bit it at the end and came in like 4th or 6th or something I couldn't hear over the bad acoustics and jocks yelling at that point. Shut up. I was on the swim team. And the putt putt team.

I am really looking forward to guest hosting round 6 this Sunday at O’Niell’s. (NOT a Sports Bar!) 8 O’Clock PM. Be there and be square. Brush up on your Martini “knowledge” and/or trivia. Drink a martini with me. Say hi. I think it’s gonna be a blast! You can visit Geeks Who Drink at www.geekswhodrink.com , at http://www.myspace.com/geekswhodrink , or find the local Quiz Masters here at www.dukecityfix.com ! Don’t be scared, release your inner geek!

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