I'm thinking of buying a scooter--
My old truck is on it's way out...
and I can probably buy a reliable scooter for less than I can buy an unreliable car....
I'd like to spend around 1000--and can pay cash....so used is likely--but the low end at downtown scooter seems to be around that....
any advice??
I've never had a scooter--but have always wanted one..
Does anybody have a scooter as their only vehicle? I'm a little nervous to say goodbye to having a roof and doors...

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Comment by missy on November 6, 2008 at 9:06pm
hey matie--i started a forum post a few months back about scooters, that kinda devolved into something else...but it might be worth a look here. i never ended up getting one--i got a prius instead. several scooters seem to show up on craigslist on a fairly regular basis. good luck with your search!
Comment by Nora on November 7, 2008 at 7:28pm
I do. Here's the pros:
*Gas is practically free
*Maintenance at Downtown Scooter is cheap
*You get to know the city a lot better because you are going slowly and not taking freeways/big streets
*You can smell wisteria in spring and honeysuckle in summer
*People assume you're cool without knowing anything else about you

Here are the cons:
*You will not be able to feel your hands in winter
*You will otherwise be really cold in winter
*You will go really slow
*Cars will be an asshole to you
*If you get hit you will probably get hurt real bad or die
*It is really hard to go somewhere else to do laundry if you don't do it at home
*Grocery shopping is a lot harder because you cannot carry nearly as much as in a car
Comment by Black Market Goods on February 18, 2009 at 2:07pm
Mattie, hey I had a scooter for a few months. It was fun, cool, cheap, and almost care free. I got hit-and-runned at Yale and Central, the scooter rolled over my ankle and caused seven fractures in my shin, ankle, and foot. If I had been in a car the same accident would have been a couple hundred to fix a dented panel and some paint (which I likely wouldn't have repaired). Because I didn't have a frame around me I was out of work for two weeks, medical bills, and I ended up selling the scooter it wasn't cheap in the long run...


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