Most of you know that I am a burlesque performer. Most of you know that I am very proud of what I do, and the international community that supports the burlesque movement.  Every day I learn something new, and am in awe of and inspired by what performers in this genre are doing.  It is one of the most eclectic and jaw-dropping performance mediums I have ever known.  The traditional bump, grind, and tease aside - burlesque is a performance art that takes the limits of what one can do to impact an audience, and pushes it in every direction until the audience doesn't even know what they've just seen!  I know, it's happened to me many times. 


This week, Albuquerque has the opportunity to see two individuals who have inspired me since day one.  I first experienced Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey in June 2006 on my first visit to "mecca" - the Burlesque Hall of Fame annual Reunion and Competition in Las Vegas, NV.  They blew my mind! Their abilities to be sensual, acrobatic, funny, and engaging were unlike anything I'd ever seen before.


On Wednesday night, Albuquerque has the opportunity to experience Trixie and Monkey first hand.  This is quite the feat, getting these two internationally acclaimed performers to come to Albuquerque, and it would not have happened without local dynamo - Holly Rebelle of Burlesque Noir.  Weekday shows can be a challenge, but I guarantee that this will be a hump day like you've never had before (and might not ever get again)! 


The other exciting thing about this show is that it is bringing together a ton of New Mexico's own amazing burlesque talent, all under one roof!  So, not only will you get to experience some out of state talent, but you'll get to sample some of what New Mexico has to offer:


Burque Burlesque's own Kitty Irreverent

Gilded Cage Burlesk's own Vivan MirAnn

Burlesque Noir, including features by Mr. & Mrs. Rebelle, General Blackery, & Ann Gora

Santa Fe's Zircus Erotique, including features by Tallulah St. James, Doutelle, Mena Domina, and Lady Lux

So, show up, have a great time, and give the burlesque producers in Albuquerque a reason to continue to bring amazing talent like Trixie and Monkey to your front door!

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Comment by Ron Da Bomb on April 27, 2011 at 8:56am
I wish I could attend. Looks like a hoot! Eat 'em up RiRi.


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