Southwest Barter Club enriches business owners’ lives



When the economy is in a slump, business owners need to find new ways to manage their cash flow and to reach customers. Members of the Southwest Barter Club have found a different currency and a different way to do business through a tried and true method – bartering.

“We are not letting this weak cash economy take the joy out of our lives,” said Shirley Schaan, owner and founder of Southwest Barter Club. “My vision for the club is to have a network of business owners enjoying new found ways to enrich their lives by using the age old bartering system.”

A new economy is emerging as business owners are starting to think outside the box. Bartering has been a proven success since the beginning of time, and now, in today’s tough economic times, bartering is making a strong comeback with a modern twist.

To barter today, you no longer have to trade straight across the board with the individuals deciding if the products or services are a fair exchange. With the third-party barter exchange Southwest Barter Club members list what they have to offer in the online store where other members can select the item or service and purchase it with Barter Bucks, the club’s currency that is equal to $1 per Barter Buck.

 “When a member barters, the Barter Bucks are transferred from their SWBC account into the other member’s account,” Schaan said. “It’s just that easy.”

Club members can buy locally or from any of the 50,000-plus members in other barter exchanges from around the world that use the DoBarter on Line Software as the Southwest Barter Club does.

Southwest Barter Club member can select from $193 million worth of items for sale. Members can use their Barter Bucks for advertising, house cleaning, dining out, alternative health care, parties, massages, car and home repair, lawn care, jewelry, pet care, real estate or luxury vacations all over the world.

 Through bartering friendships are forged. Luxuries are once again enjoyed. New ideas take form and hope is reintroduced to the marketplace.

 “Bartering takes the focus off  just  making money and puts the focus back on the business owner’s product and service. When you barter the product or service it seems to have more value and you have more pride in what you are doing. You are not just doing business for the Almighty Dollar,” Schaan said.

Bartering puts fun back in doing business. The Southwest Barter Club has free events four times during the year at which members gather to display their products or offer their services,booths are free for Southwest Barter Club members.

To learn more about Southwest Barter Club visit its website at 


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