I don’t know about ya’ll but for me, eating too much and too late in the evening leads to odd dreams. Last night’s offering found me enjoying an Emmy prize with Jon Hamm (he plays Don Draper in Mad Men). Too bad the prize was two seats at the Olympic Games where we watched a yak-driving competition, and there was only one team and one yak. I was disappointed, naturally, and Mr. Hamm was livid. Where does this stuff come from?

Our travel date is fast approaching and the missus has already packed most of the kuh-nick-kuh-nacks and books. I’m looking forward to being in Portland again (no offense, Burqueños!) but the mate is in a fair froth. Sure, less for me to do, but it already feels like I live in a storage shed up in here. I’ll be brushing my teeth with tree bark if she doesn’t slow down.

The truck is reserved (a 14-footer, plenty enough room since all of our old gargantuan pieces have been sold off), as is a car dolly with which to transport the car. I’m a little trepidatious about using a car dolly since we used a transport trailer for the trip to Albuquerque, but apparently, while somewhat less than ideal, I haven’t read anything truly dire about dragging the car with one. If some classic car enthusiasts are willing to use dollies to haul their shiny relics (as my research on the web has found), I guess I shouldn’t worry about a Yaris. This time my bike isn’t going to be strapped to the back of the car, though. There should be space in the truck for it.

One thousand three hundred and seventy point six-three miles, travel time estimated via MapQuest at twenty-one hours and forty-three minutes. We could shave a few miles off that, but I choose to reach I-25 via Tramway so that we can avoid most of the in-town interstate traffic, which resembles the asteroid-dodging scene in The Empire Strikes Back way too much for my taste. ANYWAY, for sane people this translates to two and a half days of driving and motel luxury. We’re driving it straight through, pausing every two hours to stretch and switch seats. Why? Because we are hardy folk of pioneer stock who believe nothing is worth doing if you aren’t willing to suffer miserably and unnecessarily while doing it. Have we ever done this before? No, although we have two or three 12-hour slogs under our collective belt. I won’t say I’m exactly over the Moon about the prospect, but I was watching a show about the United States Marine rite of passage known as The Crucible yesterday afternoon, and I thought to myself, “These guys have to stay awake for fifty-four hours and, like, march and run all the way across a state while getting yelled at and crap. We’ll be sitting in an air-conditioned truck for roughly half that time and the yelling probably won’t start until after a couple hundred miles. Piece o’ cake”. Right? Right? Say “right”.

I’ve given my notice at work, and now it’s all I can do to pay attention to what I’m doing. Several people have approached me to say they’ll miss having me around (and quite a few really seem to mean it!), and there are some people and aspects of the job that I’ll miss in return, but as a whole I won’t be sorry to leave. As for my prospects once in Portland, a couple of friends there have already given me leads on possibilities and I even sent my resumé via email to my past employer as a sort-of joke (But who knows? Maybe I’ve been gone long enough for them to forget some stuff).

The apartment community we left is holding an apartment for us, so we’ll be driving directly to a new home that’s in a way an old home. Can’t beat that. All aspects seem to be falling into place, and thus the anxiety of facing yet another move should be eased.

Yeah. Should.

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Comment by Barelas Babe on August 16, 2010 at 12:03am
You'll be missed. Wishing you a safe sojourn to Portland.
Comment by Lahjik on August 16, 2010 at 6:48am
It's been a pleasure getting to 'know' you and I wish you safe travels.
Comment by cathyray on August 16, 2010 at 7:44am
well, I'm gonna miss you & that's the truth. You'll have to keep us apprised of your adventures cuz I love the way you tell it. Good luck with all that moving. I'm such a slug, I'll be in this house for at least 20 more years.
Comment by once banned twice shy on August 16, 2010 at 9:33am
Rob: please promise that you'll pull over if you are both too tired to drive. Don't get "married" to the idea of driving straight through--if you get to the point that neither of you can take the wheel safely, pull over and nap or find a hotel and sleep. Promise me that you'll do that.
Comment by Rob Creighton Garrison on August 16, 2010 at 4:40pm
@ obts: I do promise that, and I'm even bringing along two extra toothpicks should the first pair propping my eyelids open wear out (Kidding! I'm kidding!) To all: I'll post an "All's well" once we've arrived. Thanks for your good wishes!


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