CORRALES--Another of New Mexico's landmarks has been ravaged by fire.  One can only hope that there is a way to save at least some of it.  Over 200 years old, the building that became known as the Territorial House was well into its mature years when the Civil War broke out.  More recently, it also has significance to a whole generation of people who lived here in the seventies..the 1970's, that is.  It was the absolute center of life in the far north valley.

Everyone who was around back then has memories of being there.  Let me strike that.  Everyone whose memory was working back then has those memories.  Here are some of mine, clouded by drink and time though they may be.  If I am wrong, please straighten me out.  This is what I remember:
    •    The best and cheapest of New Mexican cuisine at that time was the carne adovada burrito served in the T-House bar.  It came to you without a plate and wrapped in aluminum foil.  Price:  one buck.
    •    That bar, the sign called it "la cantina", was decorated in the style of Old Mexico, including a bull's head hanging on the wall.  (I hope I am not making this up or I was in worse shape than anyone possibly knew).
    •    The men's room featured a bathtub converted into a urinal with appropriate changes to the plumbing.  (Geez I can only hope I was in the right room).
    •    Before the entertainment went country-western, it was Folk…like Hank and Lewie Wickham.  I know some of you out there have real intense memories of them, but me not so much.
    •    What about you?  Memory any good?  Care to share?  (I heard Stuart Dyson on TV the other night saying he was there once when a gunfight broke out that left three dead).  Well, any pleasant memories?  And PICTURES!  Got any pictures?

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Comment by Grumpy on July 25, 2012 at 3:59pm

My husband and his best friend in high school got jobs there as bus-boys.  Husband's friend was incredibly clumsy and wasn't making it as a bus-boy.  They promoted him sopapilla hombre, which he also was not good at that job (made 'em too big then made 'em too small) but the moniker is one of my favorites to this day. The Sopapilla Hombre has a nice ring to it.

I totally remember the shoot-out, as well as many winter hours in the dark dark corner of la cantina by the fire.

Comment by Adelita on July 25, 2012 at 4:29pm

Although the hey-day of the T-House was well before my time, I've heard that the T-House, Wickham Brothers and Corrales were all synonymous with each other in the 70s.  I've also heard that there were several cars in those days in Corrales that sported bumper stickers that said, "Honk if you've been married to Lewie Wickham."  I'd love to hear some great stories about the T-House!

Comment by cathyray on July 25, 2012 at 7:54pm

I mostly remember Hank & Louie.

Comment by Johnny_Mango on July 25, 2012 at 10:19pm

Comment by Rich Holtzin on July 26, 2012 at 6:28am

When I lived in Corrales, in the early 1990s, including visiting this locale in the 80s, the T-House was a god-send. As you already commented, going there for happy hour and filling up on food for a buck or so, and drink. . .unheard of, really. The ambiance. The eclectic people who gathered there. The music. The festive everything about that large, spacious classic old-style establishment...there was nothing missing. Now it's a pitiful eyesore and a gripping memory that leaves some of us feeling rather empty and sad. If anyone does come forth with an idea to rebuild the place, then it would have to be rebuilt entirely, and at quite a cost. So, for those of us with nostalgic, if not maudlin, memories, we'll have to try and live in the past. The likes of the T-House is likely to stay that way. . .a memory.

Comment by Grant Stahl on July 26, 2012 at 10:38am

Being a recent residnet here, I had to do some research on the Territorial House and found this very interesting essay about the place, one of its owners ( a fellow named Robert Gilliland, who was also involved in the investigation and prosecution of Reyes Lopes Tijerina) and his family. Defnitilely worth a read:

Comment by cathyray on July 26, 2012 at 1:26pm

Thanks for the link, Grant! Fascinating & pure Carrillo!


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