Last Saturday, MaryAnn and I hosted the second Sunday Poets Potluck. So far The Sunday Poem series has run for 89 consecutive weeks. It started February 15, 2009 with two poems by Richard Vargas and continues until the present day. 56 different local poets have been featured here, many more than once. I repeat: 56 local poets! And we are not done yet.

A Scary Bunch
It takes a lot of courage to call yourself a poet. Next time someone asks you what you do say, "I'm a poet." Watch the reaction that will bring. Not only that, your efforts when published are out there for the whole world to judge. And in the context of a non-literary publication such as the Duke City Fix, that can be pretty scary.

Now I know how knowledgeable, supportive, and sincere the DCF readers are. We all appreciate that. But for a writer you are a scary bunch. That's why MaryAnn and I have the poets potluck. It's a way for everyone to share the public nakedness that comes with your poem appearing on the front page of the Duke City Fix. The evening is to honor the courage, as well as the obvious talent, of those 56.

The Green Was Mild, The Red Was Hot
I made two enchilada casseroles. The red was big and hot, but the green was even bigger. However it was as mild as toast in warm milk. Everybody seemed to bring the most delicious dishes. We ate almost everything. The only exception was the widely anticipated East Indian curry brought by Gaurav Rajen. He spilled it on the front steps of our never made it in the door. Well, next year...

We had borrowed tables and chairs and everyone ate in the back patio. It was perfect: the food, the company, the weather. The conversations during dinner were just as interesting as you are probably imagining. After we ate and relaxed a bit, it was time for the reading.

People Just Like You
Richard Vargas organized a reading of poems that had been published here in the Duke City Fix. What a variety. If you have not kept up with The Sunday Poem check it out when you get a chance. Not only is it an amazing set of poems, it is aimed at people just like you. To access earlier poems, click on the "Previous Post" button at the bottom of the blog page.

Facebook Album
Richard Vargas took pictures of many of the participants. A link to his Facebook album is here.

Richard was the last to read Saturday. He was the first published here, and the last reader. The party broke up about ten o'clock.

As best I can remember here is a list of those Sunday Poets attending (in the order of their publication).

The Lists
Richard Vargas, Margaret Randall, Lisa Gill, Merimee Moffitt, Elaine Schwartz, Mitch Rayes, Tracey Pontani, Marilyn Stablein, Jennifer Frank, Gina Marselle, Barbara Byers, Gaurav Rajen, Kenneth Gurney, Gary Brower, Georgia Santa-Maria, Larry Goodell, Adam Rubinstein, Sirena Rayes, and David M. Johnson. Don't forget to check out the Facebook album for more pictures.

It should also be noted, sadly, that two of our Sunday Poets have passed away this year: Maisha Baton, whose work appeared April 19, 2009; and Todd Moore, whose poem was featured November 22, 2009. We remember you both, and you are missed by all of us.

Photo ID's
Here are the folks in the photos: In the banner - Adam Rubinstein; The Enchiladas; Gaurav Rajen and Gina Marselle; David Johnson; Richard Vargas.

See you all next year.

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Comment by lisa gill on August 31, 2010 at 10:19am
Lovely, it was lovely. Gratitude,
Comment by Gina M on August 31, 2010 at 10:22am
Thank you for posting this. It was absolutely lovely, yummy food, amazing poetry, beautiful weather...just a wonderful night. Thank you! : )
Comment by Adelita on September 1, 2010 at 8:38am
So bummed out I was out of town. Would love to meet all these wonderful poets!
Comment by bg on September 1, 2010 at 8:50am
Nice that everyone was able to break bread together. Sundays, the body of poetry.


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