The Benefits of Membership: ArtEdge

With each passing week it's getting colder outside, and that's been driving me inside more frequently. Bike rides and walks have given way to a gym membership. Working on the yard has given way to working on the plaster. Recreation outside my doorstep is imperative. That's why it's time to renew my Albuquerque Museum membership.

A few years ago my wife sold me on a couple's membership: For me it was about free parking and bat-cave access to delicious French food and Old Town in general. I'm an engineer while she has a BAFA, so this was mutually agreeable. A year later my horizons had broadened and when it came time to renew we upgraded to an ArtEdge membership, a status that includes extra events and features. We've taken advantage of the benefits of membership for the last few years and it's been such a positive experience, it deserves to be shared.

In March, members got to see the Alvarado exhibit before anybody else. It's more than just early access, it's the environment. Enjoying a glass of wine and some canapes while talking to somebody who fondly remembers the Alvarado from their youth was monumentally better than just walking the exhibit. Whenever there is a new exhibit, members get first dibs.

Every Spring there is an Art Edge bash. Last year's event was April 17- it featured the music of LeChat Lunatique, was catered by Fremont's Fine Foods (Those little pepperoni sandwiches were awesome), and featured an open bar. Unlike Johnny's list, an ArtEdge event is a great place to meet people: we made friends with a couple who was excited to put all their dance lessons to good use. From snazzy urban hipsters, gray haired intellectuals, people who have seen it all, and people who are going to, these events attract interesting and interested people. It's an event worth dressing up for.

In July there was a Night of Jazz and Blues (Paul & Rocko/Ryan McGarvey/Pleasure Pilots) under the stars for ArtEdge members and their guests. Alas, we were out of town. Really, we're lucky if half the events the Museum puts on in a year. We travel often and sometimes our membership is helpful even when we're out of state. As an example, in September when we were in Denver the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Great mineral display) took half off the admission for being members of the museum here in Albuquerque.

This Saturday an event is being held for members at Casa San Ysidro in Corrales: tours, farolitos and music by Frank McCulloch/Melodie Mock. Events like this are near-monthly occurrence for all members.

In summary, it's not just the free Old Town parking and easy crepe access. Nor the catered events with open bar and live music. Nor the free-or-discounted access to other Museums. Nor simply supporting the local museum and enjoying its exhibits. It's also about making my CPA happy: Membership is tax deductible. So this season I'll send in another $75 and enjoy all the benefits of membership for the next 12 months (Makes a great Christmas gift).

Maybe I'll see you at the next event.

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Comment by cc on December 2, 2009 at 8:16pm
Thanks, Brendan - enjoyed reading what you have experienced. We love La Crepe Michel, too.


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