I continue to wonder why?...

The City partners with Walgreen's for a $5 discount when you purchase the $25 card. Once again, city doing it's job to support another box store. I understand the money you pay will allow you entrance to sites around town, but do I really need a plastic non-green friendly "q-card" to cover my entrance fees?

Marty rolling-out another idea...

Chavez said, " (the card) gets them (we Burqueños) in the door at Walgreens because they're a great payer of gross receipts for the city of Albuquerque".

Sure they are...they're on every other street corner.

Besides, I'm still pissed Walgreen's took over "La Hacienda" on Juan Tabo and Montgomery. Funny thing is there was another Walgreen's across the street, but they felt it necessary to knock down one of the best local drive through burrito places to put up another Walgreen's in it's place. For a couple days before the "grand opening", there were two Walgreen's juxtaposed to each other. Is it just me, or does it seem Walgreen's are taking over?

Here's an idea...go to the museums, parks, zoo, gardens, etc. and pay cash or use the other plastic you already have in your wallet.

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Comment by SteveJ on November 27, 2008 at 12:27pm
I'm totally with you on this one!
Comment by dolores on November 28, 2008 at 9:36am
Another one of the cities lame ideas......right up there with their suggestion for water conservation. Instead of getting on the water hogs like Intel and golf courses etc they put it on the citizens, by appealing to our sense of civic duty, and ask us not to ask for water when at a restaurant unless we really need it and the restaurant not to bring water unless its asked for...........remember that one?
Comment by SteveJ on November 28, 2008 at 10:40am
dolores, i disagree, all citizens should be asked to reduce their use.
Comment by dolores on November 28, 2008 at 4:04pm
Of course we should be asked to reduce our use, but to ignore those business etc that are the real water hogs and try to distract us from that with asking us to do more by not asking for a glass of water,is like trying to lighten an airplane by emptying the ash trays...........we need todo all we can of course, but governments have away of passing the buck on to the little guy while letting the big guys off the hook
I am in total favor of real water conservation by citizens. My favorite bumper sticker which comes out every few years when we have a really bad drought and everyone starts to freak about therir plants, lawns shurbs etc dying because they cant water unless they want a big fine. Anyway the bumper sticker is "Remember its a Desert" Now thats where citizens could make a real difference by getting rid of all the plantings that guzzle our precious water.


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